No ‘free lunch.’ No ‘free loan forgiveness.’ You & I, the taxpayers, are paying for it!

Biden’s Student Loan Debt Bribe: He’s trying to convince young Americans that it’s free and he’s giving it to them.

When in reality, President Biden did not cancel student debt — he transferred it on to the backs of millions of hardworking Americans who chose not to go to college for expensive degrees or paid back what they borrowed, the old fashion way.

This is just another TAX on hard working Americans who pay their taxes, pay their mortgages or rent, and pay their debts.

Who got screwed??? EVERY non college graduate. EVERY tradesman.  EVERY blue-collar worker who didn’t go to college. EVERY college graduate who actually paid off their loans.  EVERY soldier and veteran paying off your neighbor’s loan for getting a degree in Gender Studies from some “top 10 university!”

The only thing we need to cancel is the politics of the progressive left that is shoving our country into a recession with more debt, more deficit spending, more entitlement programs, and more freebies that ain’t free!

The Democrat’s mantra is very simple, when you rob Peter to pay Paul, you can usually count on Paul’s support.

Pundits Spin “not so bad”: Amazing. We should expect no less from the deep state and their allies in mainstream media.

The polls for Biden are bad, really bad. Generic party numbers are bad, really bad. Inflation is at a record high for the last 40 years. Progressive liberals push to defund the police, critical race theory, biological boys in girls’ sports, open borders…and the list goes on.

All bad policies that mainstream America does NOT support.

Now a student loan forgiveness program that screws every hard-working American who either didn’t go to college or paid off the loan that they borrowed.

My point: you borrowed it, you pay it off. Period.

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Saul Anuzis

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Senator Ron Johnson fights to protect Social Security & Medicare, the FDA will allow hearing aids to be sold over the counter, and poll shows nobody trusts the news media!

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Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Plan to Cancel Up to $20,000 in Debt for Millions

Administration’s plan, long-sought by advocates, will face legal hurdles and some political blowback ahead of midterm elections

President Biden will forgive up to $20,000 in federal student loan debt for tens of millions of Americans, a move that will provide unprecedented relief for borrowers but is certain to draw legal challenges and political pushback.

Following more than a year of internal debate, the president said Wednesday that he will cancel $10,000 in federal student loan debt for borrowers making under $125,000 a year or couples making less than $250,000 a year. In addition, those who receive federal Pell Grants and make less than $125,000 a year would be eligible for total forgiveness of $20,000, Mr. Biden said.

“An entire generation is now saddled with unsustainable debt,” Mr. Biden said at the White House, adding that he wouldn’t apologize for what he characterized as a program to help the middle class.

“I understand that not everything I’m announcing today is going to make everybody happy,” he said. “But I believe my plan is responsible and fair.”

Independent estimates suggest the plan will cost more than $300 billion over 10 years. The action will add to the federal deficit over time since borrowers will repay less, or none, of their loans to the federal government, but it doesn’t involve the immediate outlay of federal funds.

The forgiveness applies to students with federal loans from undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as Parent Plus loans, White House officials said. While debt forgiveness is often treated as income for tax purposes, the canceled student debt will be exempt, like some other federal student debt forgiveness programs. The White House said borrowers who took out federal loans by June 30 of this year are eligible for forgiveness. Loans taken out after that date won’t be eligible.

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The Democrat’s IRS Hiring Spree Is Biggest Expansion of the Police State in American History

The Democrats’ new reconciliation bill isn’t just going to be the largest-ever expansion of a government agency; it’s going to be the largest expansion of the domestic police state in American history. Only a statist could believe that a federal government, which already collects $4.1 trillion every year—or $12,300 for every citizen—supposedly needs 80 battalions of new IRS cops.

The average American has less reason to be concerned about cops with guns—although the IRS is looking for special agents who can “carry a firearm and be willing to use deadly force, if necessary”—than they do bureaucrats armed with pens who are authorized to sift through their lives. If you pay your taxes, you have nothing to worry about, Democrats claim. But most law-abiding citizens know they have something to fear from a state agency that doesn’t concern itself with your due process, has no regard for your privacy, and is empowered to target anyone it wants without any genuine oversight.

And please spare us this nonsense about the IRS expansion focusing exclusively on “high earners.” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre promised that the IRS wouldn’t engage in new audits of anyone making less than $400,000—a claim she has no authority to make and couldn’t possibly predict even if she did. Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) also said the bill was passed to stop an “epidemic of tax cheating amongst the millionaires and billionaires” and promised that “audit rates won’t increase for anyone making under $400K.”

This is a lie. Nothing in the bill that Democrats passed through the Senate limits audits. Murphy, along with every other Democrat in the Senate, voted against a Republican amendment that would have prevented new agents from auditing individuals and small businesses with less than $400,000 of taxable income. Not long ago, Democrats passed the American Rescue Plan Act—which had as much to do with rescuing as the Inflation Reduction Act has to do with reducing inflation—and changed the tax code so that mobile payment apps, such as Venmo and Cash App, were now required to report transactions totaling $600 or more per year to the IRS. Does that sound like a party aiming fire exclusively at high-earning Americans?

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Is the red wave already crashing?

Analysts are downgrading their forecasts for GOP gains. Republicans are suddenly struggling with cash shortages. And the party’s own Senate leader is warning publicly about the falling likelihood that Republicans win a majority in the upper chamber this November.

The mood has shifted among Republicans over the past several weeks, from a sense of unbridled optimism to one of sober reflection about their chances for victory.

What seemed like a foregone conclusion as recently as earlier this month, when Republicans registered a 5-point advantage in the generic ballot, which measures voters’ general preference for one party over the other, in two successive polls, is more of an open question today.

“One can never underestimate Republicans’ unique talent for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory,” said Ned Ryun, founder and CEO of the conservative group American Majority, who called the narrative that Democrats’ fortunes are rising “overhyped.”…

… Republicans still have many reasons to believe they can at least retake the House.

The party in control of the White House almost always loses seats in midterm elections and tends to lose a significant number when the president’s approval ratings dip as low as Biden’s have.

“No. 1 is the economy,” Bolger said of the reasons Republicans are likely to notch gains in November. “No. 2 is the concern that the president can’t do the job. And No. 3 is that the Democrats — all they’re doing is literally shoveling cash on the raging fire of inflation.”

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Guarding American Sovereignty: The United States Constitution and Its Protections Against World Government Control

The beauty of the American Constitution, as originally conceived, was that its authors recognized the inherent dangers of concentrated power at the highest levels of governance, and created a structure that both constrained the federal government’s powers while at the same time enumerating that the balance of those powers would be retained by state governments (and, by extension, local governments, since most local governments are creations of state governments), and the people.

The American Founders did this because they recognized that the bulk of public policy decision making was best left to levels of government that were closer to the people—those levels of government better understood problems in individual communities and local governments, and governance, were more easily controlled by citizens within those jurisdictions.

But in the wake of World War I, also known as “The Great War” or the “War to End All Wars, there came a call for greater international cooperation by governments, if not some kind of outright “global government” and out of those calls came, first, the League of Nations, and then, after the League of Nations failed to prevent World War II, the United Nations.

The First World War was commonly referred to as “The Great War” because of the war’s truly devastating scale—in terms of both lives lost, and people injured, as well as the impact it had on infrastructure. In fact, across the globe, you can still see the impact the war had on the surrounding environment. As a result, there was a call by leading nations to create some kind of instrument of global cooperation, and disarmament, to prevent just that kind of war from happening again: a “League of Nations.”

And the League of Nations met with limited success, in spite of the fact that the United States didn’t join even with President Woodrow Wilson’s advocacy for just such a league. But because the league failed to grasp geopolitical realities, such as what the sanctions on a post-World War I Germany might have on that nation’s ongoing politics, that body failed to prevent the Second World War from occurring.

It was during World War II that the concept of the United Nations was born—with the cooperation of the United States, Great Britain and the Soviet Union. In 1945, as the war was drawing to a close, the leaders of the Allied powers agreed that following the war’s end, that such a body would be developed. In June of 1945, just after Germany surrendered, the UN Charter was created. In October of 1945, two months after Japan surrendered, the Charter was made real.

To be clear, the United Nations is not a “world government” though there are some who would like it to be. Clark Eichelberger, a 20th century peace activist and advocate for both the League of Nations and the UN, wrote in the Annals of the American Academy of Political Science in 1949 that:

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States Should Follow Arizona’s Lead on School Choice

Arizona has set the standard for educational freedom. Other states, especially red ones, should follow their lead if they desire to reform education.

Earlier this month Governor Doug Ducey (R-AZ), who is term-limited, signed House Bill 2853 into law. It’s been lauded as first-in-the-nation universal school choice legislation. 

Starting September 24th, every eligible Arizona student K-12th grade can apply for Empowerment Scholarship Accounts (ESAs). 

“Arizona is now the gold standard for educational freedom in America,” said Governor Ducey at Phoenix Christian Preparatory School this week. “Our kids will no longer be stuck in under-performing schools. We’re unlocking their educational potential and advancing a bold new era of learning opportunities. Parents and teachers know there is no one-size-fits-all model to education. Kids and families should be able to access the school or learning program that best fits their unique needs — regardless of income or where they live. In Arizona, we’re making sure they have that choice.”

“In Arizona, we fund students, not systems, because we know one size does not fit all students,” echoed Arizona House Majority Leader Ben Toma. “It was my privilege to sponsor the most expansive school choice law in the nation, opening Empowerment Scholarship Account eligibility to all school-age children without restriction. I appreciate Governor Ducey for his strong support to help Arizona become the first state with a truly universal ESA program, delivering educational freedom to more than 1.1 million students.”

The ESA application is open year-round and participating families will receive over $6,500 per year per child to apply to “private school, homeschooling, microschools, tutoring, or any other kinds of educational service that helps meet the needs of their students outside the traditional public school system.” The bill’s supporters say 1.1 million students will benefit across the Grand Canyon State.

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Inflation Reduction Act Increases Washington’s Power

In January 1925, President Calvin Coolidge addressed the American Society of Newspaper Editors in Washington. In his remarks, Coolidge said, “The chief business of the American people is business. They are profoundly concerned with producing, buying, selling, investing, and prospering in the world.”

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden returned from vacation to sign the misnamed Inflation Reduction Act. He might as well have said in his mischaracterization of the legislation that the chief business of America is now government spending and increased debt.

The new law puts government ahead of business and diminishes the power of the individual in favor of the power of Washington. And it doesn’t do what Biden and Democrats say it will do, particularly on inflation.

The Penn Wharton Budget Model, a group of economists and data scientists at the University of Pennsylvania, concludes the law will have no impact when it comes to reducing inflation.

An analysis by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office finds that audits of taxpayers making under $400,000 annually will account for about $20 billion in revenue for the Inflation Reduction Act.

Republicans don’t have clean hands when it comes to government spending, a leading cause of inflation. The national debt increased by $7.8 trillion during the Trump administration. The last president to preside over surpluses was Bill Clinton, from 1998 to 2001. Part of that had to do with welfare reform, which resulted from cooperation between Clinton and Speaker Newt Gingrich. Such bipartisanship appears to be long gone.

The federal government is taking in record amounts of revenue, but politicians can’t control themselves when it comes to spending.

There is a certain elitism about this bill, as well as there is with many things that come from Washington. Government now sees itself as the primary provider of life’s necessities. For many it has become a first resource, while in the Coolidge and earlier years it was a last resort.

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Actually, Ron Johnson is a champion for the future of both Social Security and Medicare

There’s no arguing the fact that Social Security and Medicare funds will be exhausted in the coming years. Reports have shown that Medicare funds will run dry in 2028, while the trust fund reserves for Social Security will be unable to pay full benefits starting in 2034. This is a serious crisis that most politicians refuse to even discuss.

In recent interviews, Wisconsin U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson took the crucial step to bring this topic to a national conversation. Many media outlets and commentators followed along while Democrats falsely accused Senator Johnson of wanting to “destroy” Social Security and Medicare.

As the President of the 60 Plus Association, I greatly appreciate Johnson for bringing this topic to the national conversation because it is one that has been ignored for quite some time. Our association advocates for common-sense policy that will accurately represent members of our senior and retirement community.

For far too long, our “leaders” have refused to even discuss the viability of these dying programs. However, much like his approach on many other issues, Johnson has been willing to approach this crisis head-on and analyze our programs from a business-minded perspective.

Senator Johnson believes that Social Security and Medicare are two essential programs that need to be protected and their long-term viability guaranteed for generations to come. He has always been a strong advocate for the senior community so they can enjoy their retirement just like past generations of Americans. The generation before us created Social Security, and Johnson is fighting to ensure their programs remain solvent for our children and grandchildren. That will not happen if we continue steering on our current path.

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Betsy McCaughey wants to ‘RID’ hospitals of infections

Should you be visiting a hospital patient any time soon, Betsy McCaughey has a few words of advice for you: Forget the flowers and ditch the chocolates.

Instead, bring bleach wipes, hand wipes and sanitary gloves. McCaughey (pronounced “McCoy”), who served as lieutenant governor of New York state during George Pataki’s first term (1995 to ’98), is the founding chair of the Committee to Reduce Infection Deaths (RID) — an educational organization that seeks to mitigate hospital and nursing home infections, state by state. Since its creation in 2005, RID has advocated successfully for reporting on infection rates in 37 states, including New York and Connecticut, along with Washington, D.C. And, McCaughey adds, “Medicare is now rating hospitals and nursing homes on infections.”

A passionate woman who tempers her forthrightness with humor, McCaughey tells WAG that it was her time spent as lieutenant governor — “a long time ago, before the Civil War” — that led to the establishment of RID.

“People came to me with their health concerns,” she says, adding that increasingly, these were variations on the same theme — an infection that developed during or after a hospital or nursing home stay. “Almost all were preventable.”

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Mexico: 100,000 Disappeared and Missing People

Mexico has reached the tragic figure of 100,000 disappeared and missing people since records have been kept; that is, today these 100,000 people’s whereabouts remain unknown. What does this moment mean for the country and what are some of the steps authorities should take to achieve truth, justice, and an end to disappearances?

For years now, relatives of Mexico’s disappearance victims – led especially by women – have been walking the streets and scouring the countryside daily in search of the tens of thousands of people who have been disappeared at the hands of private individuals, state agents, or people acting in collusion with authorities.

Families turn to one institution after another and even conduct their own investigations to track down and search for their loved ones alive, devoting time and resources to a search that can be as dangerous as it is difficult and exhausting. Grouped in the many collectives that have sprung up across the country, families have also led the forensic search. Working with picks and shovels, they have discovered clandestine graves and extermination sites, facing risks, lack of resources, and extreme conditions. Groups of Central American families have arrived to search for their missing migrant relatives who have been disappeared in Mexican territory.

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The fact over 80% of taxpayers, you and I, are being forced to pay of the loans of less than 20% is an outrage!