Oppose Pelosi’s Price Controls Support Rep. Arrington’s Plan To Provide Immediate Relief to Seniors!

Speaker Pelosi’s bill on prescription drugs is a giant step toward government control of the pharmaceutical industry. Through heavy handed tactics, confiscatory taxation and retroactive penalties, the Pelosi plan ultimately seeks to control the means of production for drugs.

The socialization of the pharmaceutical industry will mean a lower quality of life and shorter life spans for senior citizens. It will limit access to life saving therapies and virtually guarantee an end to the long-term research required to invent the next generation of medicines.

The bill introduced by Speaker Pelosi will result in fewer choices and less innovation and will harm older Americans. It’s a shameful betrayal of seniors that members of the Ways and Means Committee should reject.

There is a better way: Rep. Arrington (R-TX) is introducing an amendment that will provide seniors with the direct relief at the pharmacy counter that they need. No price controls, no taxes, no government health care take-over, simply negotiated discounts making their way to seniors.

When it comes to Speaker Pelosi’s plan and this amendment, we want members of the Ways & Means Committee to know AARP does not speak for All Seniors! Support Rep. Arrington and oppose AARP and Speaker Pelosi!