Palmer Earns Legislator of the Month Award

Congressman Gary Palmer Levels the Playing Field for Medicare Reimbursement Rates

Washington, DC (May 20, 2022) – On behalf of more than five million senior supporters of the 60 Plus Association, the American Association of Senior Citizens, we applaud Gary Palmer (R-AL-6) for introducing the Preventing Racism in Medicare Act (PRIMA), which would restrict HHS from implementing a policy that would force doctors to implement “anti-racism plans” in order to qualify for higher Medicare reimbursements.

At an event on Capitol Hill where Congressman Palmer received the award. 60 Plus President Saul Anuzis said, “Gary Palmer has been a true advocate of free market health care policy. Make no mistake, without the passage of this bill, Medicare patients, with senior citizens on the top of the list, will have their medical decisions compromised due to an increased Medicare reimbursement rate based on a patient’s ethnic background.”

“To be clear, health disparities do exist among racial groups but physician bias isn’t the cause. Rather than patient-centric care, HHS is pushing race-centric medical treatment that does not address underlying environmental, genetic, and other issues that can be the cause of racial disparities in health outcomes.”

60 Plus Chairman Jim Martin added, “Congressman Palmer deserves credit for spearheading this effort that would put an end to HHS’s execution of this policy and forbid any “anti-racism plans” from impacting and increasing the Medicare reimbursement rate.”

“This legislation is trying to right a wrong and to ensure our most vulnerable citizens are protected. We applaud your efforts and stand ready to assist you by alerting our supporters of the importance of this legislation, and they will be encouraging their Members of Congress to work with you. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to seniors nationwide,” Martin concluded.