Pissed Off and Voting!

Pissed Off: Americans are pissed off and it’s the Democrat’s policies that are causing the pain most voters across our country feel.

Americans are PISSED OFF at higher gas prices at the pump EVERY week.

Americans are PISSED OFF at higher food prices EVERY week at the grocery store.

Americans are PISSED OFF over out of control crime and cashless bail for violent criminals.

Americans are PISSED OFF over WOKE policies that make NO sense to the average person.

Americans are PISSED OFF that boys get to play in girls’ sports because of WOKE policies.

Americans are PISSED OFF that schools can teach and encourage racism in the name of history.

Americans are PISSED OFF over open borders, illegal immigration, and drugs flowing into our streets.

Americans are PISSED OFF that teachers and administrator think they can teach whatever perverted ideas to our children.

I think it’s obvious…Americans are pissed off and I think they are going to express their opinions at the polls around the country.

The progressive far left that now controls the Democrat party has gone too far.

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Saul Anuzis

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Senator Patty Murray is lying to voters about Medicare & Social Security, Democrats are in big trouble heading into November, and the economy is still bad despite newest GDP news!

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More Voters Favor Republican Control of Congress

With the midterm elections just about two weeks away, voters say they’d much rather have the Republicans in charge of Congress over the next two years.

According to data released Wednesday by Rasmussen Reports, 62% of those surveyed who are likely to cast a ballot in the election said it was important the GOP win control of at least one congressional chamber on November 8. Nearly half of all voters, 48 %, said that outcome was “very important” in determining how they would vote.

The numbers come as no surprise given the way GOP candidates in every region of the country have seen a surge in support following the release of the latest economic data which, as many analysts have said, the Biden White House should find troubling even though voters who make their decisions late in the cycle tend to break against the party in power.

Democrat Mark Longabaugh, who took part in Bernie Sanders’ 2016 run for the presidency told Politico, “I’ve been at this for 30 years, and it is always the period in late September and early October when an election starts to tilt and move. So, we’re at that moment, and I don’t think you can look at these numbers across the country and say anything, but it looks like it’s moving in the Republicans’ direction.”

Biden’s approval numbers, which have been up and down as much as the price of gasoline suggest the president’s performance in office is increasingly a drag on members of his party running for governor, the United States Senate or the House of Representatives.

Taking the longer-term view, Rasmussen Reports says the question regarding preference for which party controls Congress may better predict the eventual outcome than the generic ballot test. In the 2018 midterms, the pollster said, the Democrats held a slight edge on the question, something that turned out to be prescient.

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We’re all tired of the Left’s politics, but parents are fed up with their children being the casualties

Make no mistake: Parents will play a major part in this year’s midterm elections , which may well upend current dynamics and potentially recast the direction and priorities of the nation.

Throughout our nation’s history, mothers and fathers have served as something of a bellwether in America. Political elites may jockey and joust with one another, often behind closed doors, but their policies are felt and then ultimately received or rejected by the families whom they affect. Census statistics indicate that there are more than 63 million parents in the United States who have children under 18 years old in the home. That’s a major voting bloc with the power to make or break an election cycle and tip all types of critical ballot initiatives.

In all my traveling and broadcast activities, including hosting our radio program and managing our family ministry, I’ve encountered and conversed with countless families, and I can assure you that parents are frustrated and downright fed up. The financial pressures are obvious and acute. Wages have not kept up with inflation . Everything is more expensive. The grocery bill every week is making them cringe. And every time they fill up their car with gas, they’re reminded that the government is to blame.

But the burdens and concerns extend well beyond the financial. Mothers and fathers understand the volatility of the economy. They can tolerate and maybe even understand that there will be good and bad years on Wall Street. What they do not understand and what they will not tolerate, however, are policies and politicians that come between them and their children. Parental authority in America is a foundational right — and beware the representative who tries to usurp that freedom.

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The School Lockdown Catastrophe

The awful NAEP scores show damage from closing classrooms.

The pandemic lockdowns were a policy blunder for the ages, and the economic, social and health consequences are still playing out. But the worst catastrophe was visited on America’s children, as Monday’s release of the latest National Assessment of Educational Progress shows.

The 2022 NAEP test, often called the nation’s report card, found a record drop in learning across the U.S. since the last test in 2019. The tests measured proficiency in math and reading for fourth and eighth graders, and the harm from closed schools and online-only instruction is severe and depressing.

America’s schools weren’t doing all that well before the pandemic, but the lack of in-school learning made them worse. Eighth graders lost eight points on math since 2019, falling to an average 274 out of a possible 500. Fourth graders lost five points to an average of 236 in 2022. Not a single state or large school district showed better math performance.

The news is little better on reading, with the average score for fourth and eighth graders dropping by three points. Nationwide only 33% of fourth graders and 31% of eighth graders read at or above grade proficiency.

It’s hard to understate the human damage that these dry statistics represent. The learning loss is considerable and will take years to make up, if it ever is. Children who fall behind in reading skills have difficulty learning other subjects. The numbers also mean that millions of young Americans don’t know even the basics of writing and arithmetic.

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Swing and a miss: New Senate forecast shows three key states slipping away from Democrats

With the midterm homestretch underway, Republicans appear to have momentum on their side in their quest to flip the Senate as three states move in their direction in a key forecast.

RealClearPolitics’s Senate projection recently moved three battleground Senate races to the GOP: Arizona, Georgia, and Nevada. Meanwhile, FiveThirtyEight has tightened its projections for the Senate amid a deluge of polling showing the Republicans gaining ground.

“Was a bit skeptical of the GOP poll surge before, but I think the evidence for it is now pretty convincing, and if anything I’m more bearish on Democratic chances than our model is,” FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver tweeted.

FiveThirtyEight gives Republicans a 45% chance of winning the Senate, which diverges from RealClearPolitics’s projection that the GOP will secure a 53 to 47 seat majority in the lower chamber.

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Blue cities bleeding: Homicide rates surging in major cities run by Soros-backed DAs

Less than three weeks before Election Day, a new study shows killings are on the rise, while polling indicates crime remains a top issue for voters.

As polling continues to show crime is a top issue for voters, the number of homicides has skyrocketed nationwide.

In fact, homicide rates rose by an average of nearly 10% in 50 of the most populated U.S. cities between the third quarter of last year and the third quarter of this year — and are still rising — according to a new study.

WalletHub compared 50 of America’s largest cities based on per capita homicides for the third quarter (July through September) of each year since 2020, using locally published crime data to compile its findings.

According to WalletHub, these were the ten cities with the highest homicide cases per 100,000 residents from July through September:

St. Louis, Mo. (19.69)

Kansas City, Mo. (14.86)

Detroit, Mich. (13.24)

Baltimore, Md. (12.45)

New Orleans, La. (10.99)

Milwaukee, Wisc. (10.46)

Memphis, Tenn. (9.99)

Philadelphia, Pa. (9.36)

Norfolk, Va. (7.78)

Chicago, Ill. (7.71)

The top prosecutors in most of these cities are backed by progressive megadonor George Soros, a billionaire who’s spent the last several years injecting tens of millions of dollars into local district attorney races nationwide, backing candidates who support policies such as abolishing bail, defunding the police, and decriminalizing or deprioritizing certain offenses.

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‘Face the Nation’ focus groups of GOP, Democrat parents sound off on ‘woke culture’ overtaking US education

Parents say having control over children’s education has become main priority.

A “Face the Nation” focus group featuring a Republican, Democrat and an independent unanimously agreed that “woke culture” has become a prime concern for parents raising children in America.

In a segment called “Eye on America: Election Influencers,” CBS host Margaret Brennan asked a group of parents to get candid about the issues they’ll prioritize when voting and their struggles raising kids in a post-pandemic era.

John, a Texas Republican, cited the “woke” overhaul of U.S. education as a key issue for parents.

“The whole woke culture affecting our children, all these elementary, middle schools having woke culture pushed on them from the LGBTQ+ community for sexual identify and gender. We should be pushing the actual school studies. Math, social studies, science,” he said. “Not gender studies.”

Lashawn, an Illinois Democrat and mother of eight, largely agreed.

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Congressional Democrats refuse to investigate stolen COVID-19 relief funds

You have to wonder sometimes if Congress has its collective head in the sand. Or it just doesn’t care what happens to the money it authorizes after it’s out the door. Reports that billions, perhaps tens or even hundreds of billions in taxpayer dollars may have been stolen from the people through fraudulent claims for relief have been met with stony silence by congressional leaders.

None of them, at least no one in the majority party, has been willing to investigate what happened and why or seems the least bit interested in what happened to the money, $663.8 billion in all, paid out in expanded benefits through three high-risk, temporary unemployment insurance programs authorized during the pandemic.

What we do know, thanks to a recent report issued by the Department of Labor’s Office of Inspector General, is that a sizable portion of the money sent out through these programs — Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation and Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation — did not get to the intended recipients.

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Democrat blows whistle on alleged ballot harvesting scheme, Florida opens criminal probe

Former candidate for Orange County commissioner describes widespread vote trafficking operation in Orlando area, authorities see enough evidence to warrant criminal probe.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ new election crimes unit has recommended state police open a full criminal investigation into a Democrat whistleblower’s detailed complaint of a long-running, widespread ballot harvesting operation in the African-American communities in politically important central Florida.

Former Orange County Commissioner candidate Cynthia Harris filed a sworn affidavit in late August with the Secretary of State’s office alleging that illegal operations to collect third-party ballots have been going on for years in the Orlando area where voting activists are paid $10 for each ballot they collect.

She described an intricate system funded by liberal leaning organizations that dispatch ballot brokers into black communities to pressure voters to turn over their ballots. The $10 fee per ballot is divvied up among the parties who help complete the harvesting.

The collection and delivery of ballots by third parties is illegal in Florida.

The newly created Office of Election Crimes and Security did a preliminary inquiry on Harris’ allegations and concluded there was sufficient evidence to warrant a full criminal probe by the state police, the Florida State Department told Just the News on Wednesday.

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Seniors are moving to low tax states

Fiscal Policy Report Card on America’s Governors 2022

In case you couldn’t tell by the influx of political advertisements blanketing television screens from coast to coast, campaign season is in full swing. And as Democrats face a tough midterm election cycle, it’s no surprise that many have resorted to a misleading, but predictable, campaign trope: scaring seniors about the ‘dangers’ of electing Republican candidates.

Across the country, Democratic candidates are criticizing their Republican opponents for wanting to destroy Social Security and Medicare. But voters, especially seniors, shouldn’t be fooled by these deceptive attacks.

In fact, Washington State’s Senior Senator, Democrat Patty Murray, recently earned Four Pinocchio’s from The Washington Post for her claim that “Republicans plan to end Social Security and Medicare if they take back the Senate.”

Now, Senator Murray is up on television claiming to be a champion for seniors and for lowering prescription drug costs in the popular Medicare Part D program. In reality, if Senator Murray had it her way, nearly 50 million American seniors would not receive Medicare Rx benefits.

In 2003, Patty Murray voted against the implementation of the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act of 2003 – which added a prescription drug benefit to Medicare known as Part D.

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The Fed may have changed markets forever

It’s safe to say that the global economy is in a pretty bad place right now: The vast majority of economists think we’re on the brink of recession. But US markets don’t seem to mind. Stocks closed out their best week since mid-June last Friday and continued that rally into Monday.

So what gives? A decade of free-flowing money from the Federal Reserve to banks has created two economies, argues Nomi Prins, a former managing director at Goldman Sachs and author of “Permanent Distortion: How the Financial Markets Abandoned the Real Economy Forever.” Wealthy Americans and corporations benefited directly from years of low rates, which kept money flowing into businesses and stocks high while Main Street suffered from decelerating wages and little support. Prins says we are now dealing with a “permanent distortion,” where market behavior and economic prosperity have nothing to do with each other.

What’s happening: The stock market has always been unpredictable. Analysts and economists try to prognosticate or apply some type of rational explanation to market moves, but the reality of it is that it’s often conjecture (strong, educated guesses but still guesses).

That’s become increasingly apparent in the super strange, volatile markets we’re seeing today. Federal Reserve officials have clearly stated that they have no plans to pivot away from their policy of aggressive rate hikes to fight persistent inflation. Economic data is bleak and CEOs, economists and global organizations are ringing the alarm bells about imminent recession.

But markets, which have taken quite a beating this year, are at multi-month highs again. It’s become pointless to try to apply economic rationale to stock markets, Prins told me in a recent interview.

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Special Counsel John Durham Discredits the Press

he way back to sanity for America is for the media to rediscover its interest in truth.

Only John Durham can say why he proceeded as he did. The 45-year veteran prosecutor was assigned to examine the FBI’s decisions related to the Trump collusion investigation. Aside from an early guilty plea from an FBI lawyer who falsified evidence, he pursued only two outside informants for allegedly lying to the agency.

Some on the right blame him for not going after FBI officials directly, though it’s not clear what these officials might be charged with. Incompetence is not a crime. Illegal leaks are a crime but notoriously hard to prove in court.

The dumbest journalism, though, reasons (without saying so) that Mr. Durham is a colossal failure because he was somehow assigned, or assigned himself, to fulfill the fantasies of Donald Trump. An adjective-overloaded piece by Margaret Carlson in the Washington Monthly dissolves into nothingness when you realize how completely she relies on this premise without betraying any awareness that she’s relying on it.

My own guess is Mr. Durham viewed his informant indictments as merited but orthogonal to his larger purpose. He was counting on civil society, i.e., the press, to lead a necessary conversation about the FBI’s role in 2016 and after.

In both trials, Mr. Durham himself filled the record with information to make conviction difficult, showing the FBI wasn’t fooled by alleged lies told by Clinton associates and perhaps even welcomed the lies. I would be insensate not to notice that, in his closing arguments in the Danchenko case last week, he adopted phraseology similar to two columns here a year ago, when he told jurors the FBI’s own behavior was the “elephant in the room” and stressed the importance of law enforcement not letting itself be manipulated for political ends.

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Will ‘Democracy Die in Darkness’ After November?

The Democrats will soon chant democracy is dying because they are terrified it is thriving as never before.

he Republicans were always going to win big in November, regardless of what biased pundits professed.

There was likely never a sudden “blue resurgence” or “red collapse” of late summer.

Those fantasies were mostly Democratic Party talking points. They were readily regurgitated by the fusion media and biased pollsters. The ruse was transparently designed to dampen conservative turnout and fundraising, while fueling interparty squabbling over supposedly “unelectable MAGA candidates.”

As it turns out, all the late infusions of millions of dollars of Silicon Valley dark “cabal” money will be to no avail. 

All the last-minute Joe Biden giveaways like student-loan forgiveness, marijuana pardons, and COVID relief checks will be too little, too late. 

All the Trump-derangement syndrome psychodramatic distractions from the January 6 committee to the Mar-a-Lago raid will be too transparently desperate.

And all the shrill 11th-hour warnings of a new variant of racism from the multimillionaire Obamas on the stump will be just that—shrill.

Yes, the Democrats will soon chant democracy is dying because they are terrified it is thriving as never before. And that grass-roots resurgence is mostly because Republicans are no longer so easily stereotyped as the out-of-touch party of aristocratic Mitt Romneys and condescending Bill Kristols. 

Instead, supposedly “racist” conservatives are now empowered by minority voters worried more about shared class concerns than skin color. They are concluding that if there are American racists, they are most likely the rich bicoastal elites, never subject to the consequences of their selfish agendas, and their own self-appointed, self-interested, and ossified diversity industry.

So as the election nears, to save reputations, pollsters will now become just a bit more honest. Thus, they will be off on the final tally by only 2-3 percentage points rather than midsummer’s 5-8. That way, they save their eroding reputations by claiming post facto that at least their final polls “were within the margin of error.”

In the last few days, pundits will cease talk of an unappreciated “real” Democratic late surge. Instead they will turn on the electorate for its “stupidity.”

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Google CAUGHT Manipulating Search, Buries GOP Campaign Sites in 83% of Top Senate Races

Anti-Democracy Google is manipulating search results to bury Senate Republican candidates’ campaign websites before the 2022 midterm elections. This comes on the heels of a North Carolina State University study that found that Google’s Gmail marked 59.3 percent more emails from “right”-leaning candidates as spam compared to “left”-leaning candidates.

“Google must be investigated for its un-American efforts to sway the election,” said L. Brent Bozell, founder and president of the Media Research Center. “First, researchers caught Google red-handed by proving Republican campaign emails were sent to spam. Now we’ve uncovered Google manipulating search results to hide Republican campaign websites while promoting Democratic ones. This is all an effort by Google to help Democrats and interfere in the democratic process.”

MRC Free Speech America has analyzed Google, Bing and DuckDuckGo search results for the 12 Senate races identified by RealClearPolitics as the most important to watch. Our researchers caught Google burying 10 of 12 Senate Republican Party candidates’ campaign websites while highlighting their opponents campaign sites in organic search results. This stands in stark contrast to Bing and DuckDuckGo whose search results treated Republican and Democrat campaign websites more neutrally than Google. 

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14 Best Senior-friendly Travel Groups

These senior-friendly travel companies offer tours and travel experiences as diverse as their clients.

The benefits of travel, whether it’s a refreshing weekend getaway or a month-long trip to a new destination, are undeniable. And for retirees or seniors who have time and a travel budget, the opportunities are nearly endless. The world and even their own city, state, or country are waiting to be explored.

It should be recognized that seniors are as diverse as any other generation, perhaps even more so as their years of experience, careers, ages, hometowns, and beliefs have taken them in many directions. Their interests, abilities, values, and habits may be different, but it can safely be said that for many, travel is in their plans.

Seniors travel to visit family, learn about the countries of their ancestors, or explore new destinations. Many seek immersive experiences, educational opportunities, or adventure. And travel companies are responding to their needs and wishes with tours, from independent to guided options, budget to luxury, and group to individual.

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Scam Report: FTC Says Older Adults Targeted

The Federal Trade Commission says more money is being taken from older adults by scams involving social media, cryptocurrency and texts.

Crooks succeeded in taking significantly more money from older adults in 2021 than the year before through investment, business impersonation and government impersonation scams, according to a new report to Congress from the Federal Trade Commission.

According to the report, consumers 60 and older filed 467,340 fraud reports with reported losses of more than $1 billion. This was an increase of nearly 40 percent in the number of fraud reports in 2020 when people in that age group filed 334,411 fraud reports with reported losses of more than $600 million. The FTC says the vast majority of frauds are not reported, adding that these numbers include only a fraction of older adults harmed by fraud.

The FTC says the vast majority of frauds are not reported, adding that these numbers include only a fraction of older adults harmed by fraud. To make matters worse, older adults who do report fraud often lose larger sums than their younger counterparts. However, older adults are less likely to report losing money to fraud than younger people. Among the possible explanations for this, the FTC said, could be that older people may be more likely to “avoid losing money when exposed to fraud (or be) more inclined to report fraud when no loss has occurred.”

“Older adults continued to be much more likely than younger adults to report losing money on tech support scams, prize, sweepstakes and lottery scams, and family and friend impersonation,” the report states.

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