Policy Matters – Therefore Elections Matter

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Biden’s Border Crisis: The President does NOT need a single piece of legislation to secure the border…none.

On his first day in office Biden reversed nearly 100 Trump Executive Orders that opened the borders and have caused what can only be described as a Democrat’s Invasion that will cost America dearly…not to mention our children and grandchildren.

The progressive left have implemented crazy policies that most mainstream Democrats wouldn’t have ever dreamed about just a decade ago…let alone think of what John F. Kennedy would say about “his” party…they have clearly abandoned him and many others.

Inflation, endless war, open borders, gender confusion, selective law enforcement of rioters and demonstrators, not to mention the weaponization of government law enforcement agencies has to scare most Americans. The Democrats of today, at least those in charge, are the far-left crazies. In the words of Barack Obama, it’s time for “hope and change.”

Election Year: Here we go. With upcoming caucuses in the US Virgin Islands, South Carolina and Neveda….the assumption is there will be a presumptive nominee for President.

Senate and Congressional races are heating up around the country. It’s going to get harder and harder to get much done in DC…that’s not always a bad thing.

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Immigration surpasses inflation as top voter concern — and most say border worse under Biden: poll

Immigration has surged past inflation as the top issue facing the nation, according to a Harvard CAPS-Harris poll released Monday

The survey found that 35% of registered voters now rank immigration as the country’s No. 1 concern, jumping 7 points since last month.

Worries over price increases and the economy weren’t far behind, with 32% citing inflation as the most pressing issue in the US and 25% listing the “economy and jobs” as a top concern.

The immigration concerns have increased since the Biden administration reported a record-breaking 276,000 migrant encounters along the southern US border in December. 

Increased focus on the issue also comes as lawmakers from both sides of the aisle work to hammer out a deal that would unlock some $61 billion in aid for Ukraine in exchange for beefed-up border security and changes to the US immigration system, including asylum laws.

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The List of Governors Rallying Behind Abbott Grows

As Texas Governor Greg Abbott continues to “hold the line” against President Joe Biden and his administration’s attempts to deny the Lone Star State the right to defend itself from the illegal immigrant invasion declared by Abbott, the leaders of other states facing the effects of Biden’s border crisis are standing with him.

Abbott has declared that he will not back down in the face of mounting legal harassment from the federal government and defiantly ordered the installation of more razor wire to enforce the international border based on his constitutional right to self-defense after the Supreme Court granted Biden’s emergency appeal to allow federal agents to cut the wire that is helping prevent the influx of illegal immigrants that set another record in December of more than 300,000. 

Among those standing with Abbott is Governor Kevin Stitt of neighboring Oklahoma.

In addition, Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin posted his support for Abbott and Texas’ work to do “the job Joe Biden and his border czar [Vice President Kamala Harris] refuse to do.”

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President Biden Sued Over Executive Order Interfering in State Elections

A group of 24 Republican legislators in Pennsylvania has filed a federal complaint against President Joe Biden, Governor Josh Shapiro, and representatives from the Pennsylvania Department of State, alleging that they have usurped legislative authority by changing voter registration and election rules.

The lawsuit was reported by the Epoch Times. According to the legislators, the Elections Clause and the Electors Clause of the United States Constitution give state legislators the sole constitutional right to determine election procedures, and the president, governor, or other executive officials, such as the secretary of state, have no authority to create, rewrite, or disregard laws established by the legislature. The organization claims they have been unconstitutionally barred from the legislative process that governs federal elections for president and Congress.

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House panel investigating Capitol riot wants access to files deleted before GOP took control

A House subcommittee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riot is trying to recover 117 encrypted files that the now-disbanded House Select Jan. 6 Committee deleted before Republicans took the majority last year. 

A digital forensics team employed by the House Administration Subcommittee on Oversight discovered the data deletion occurred on Jan. 1, 2023, and were able to recover the password-protected files. The find was first reported by Fox News.

“Yes, these reports are accurate,” Rep. Morgan Griffith (R-Va.), who sits on the subcommittee, confirmed to The Post. “Unfortunately, at this time, we cannot determine what was in the deleted files.”

“The Democrat-led J6 Select Committee obviously took great strides to shield certain information from us,” Rep. Greg Murphy (R-NC), another subcommittee member, told The Post. “The question is: why? What are they trying to hide? Their whole plan was to ‘get to the truth of the matter’. They obviously didn’t want the real truth, just ‘their’ truth.”

The panel’s chairman, Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-Ga.), has since written to former House Jan. 6 Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) requesting passwords to access the data, according to a copy of the letter obtained by the Post.

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Top Republican Elise Stefanik roasts ‘sham’ January 6 Committee for ‘illegally deleting’ over 100 records in the days before Republicans took over the House

The chair of the investigation, Rep. Barry Loudermilk said that the files have been recovered and he’s demanding Democrats hand over the passwords

Stefanik slammed the Jan. 6 Committee as ‘illegitimate and unconstitutional’

The GOP leader claimed Democrats ‘illegally’ wiped important Jan. 6 documents 

GOP heavyweight Rep. Elise Stefanik slammed the ‘sham’ January 6 Committee as an obstruction of justice after a new report alleges that Democrats illegally deleted files pertinent to the investigation before Republicans took control of the House. 

A bombshell new report released Monday alleges that just days before the GOP took over the House majority in 2022, over 100 encrypted files relating to the January 6th Capitol riot probe were mysteriously deleted. 

The chair of the investigation, Rep. Barry Loudermilk, said that the files have been recovered and he’s demanding Democrats hand over the passwords.

Loudermilk alleges that a forensics team found that 117 files had been either deleted or encrypted on January 1, 2023, shortly before the Republicans took over the investigation that had previously been led by Democrat Bennie Thompson and Republican Liz Cheney. 

‘As I said from day one, Nancy Pelosi’s sham January 6th Committee was illegitimate and unconstitutional,’ Stefanik wrote on X in response to the report.

‘It should come as a surprise to no one that Bennie Thompson and Liz Cheney’s fake committee illegally deleted records of their sham investigation and obstructed justice. The American people deserve full transparency,’ her post continued.

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FBI luminaries starkly warn Congress that U.S. being invaded at border: ‘Alarming and perilous’

“In its modern history the U.S. has never suffered an invasion of the homeland and, yet, one is unfolding now,” the FBI executives wrote in letter to congressional leadership

With a constitutional crisis brewing in Texas and voters nationwide alarmed by the toll of illegal immigration, some of the FBI’s most famous retired executives are issuing a stark warning to Congress that President Joe Biden’s border policies have unleashed an “invasion” of military-aged male foreigners who pose “one of the most pernicious ever” threats to American security.

Ten former FBI executives – some who oversaw the bureau’s intelligence, counterterrorism, criminal and training operations – expressed their alarm in a letter dated Jan. 17 to House Speaker Mike Johnson, Senate Leader Chuck Schumer and the chairmen of the House and Senate committees that preside over the U.S. intelligence and Homeland Security apparatus.

Their language affirms that of both current FBI Director Christopher Wray, who testified the nation’s security lights are “blinking red,” and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who alleges Biden’s loosening of border security has allowed an “invasion” of America by foreigners with troubling origins and attributes.

“In its modern history the U.S. has never suffered an invasion of the homeland and, yet, one is unfolding now,” the FBI luminaries wrote. “Military aged men from across the globe, many from countries or regions not friendly to the United States, are landing in waves on our soil by the thousands – not by splashing ashore from a ship or parachuting from a plane but rather by foot across a border that has been accurately advertised around the world as largely unprotected with ready access granted.

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Meet the Swiss Billionaire Cast by US Conservatives as the ‘New Soros’

His eyes are fixed in an icy stare, his lips curl toward a snarl.

Beneath the frosty-blue portrait is a warning: “Foreign Influence in US Elections.”

What follows is a brief dossier on the mysterious figure in the picture — a “radical” Swiss billionaire with a “dark money ATM” and a secret plan for America, it says.  

(Bloomberg) — His eyes are fixed in an icy stare, his lips curl toward a snarl.

Beneath the frosty-blue portrait is a warning: “Foreign Influence in US Elections.”

What follows is a brief dossier on the mysterious figure in the picture — a “radical” Swiss billionaire with a “dark money ATM” and a secret plan for America, it says.  

Meet Hansjörg Wyss, the man US conservatives are casting as a new George Soros, the businessman-turned-philanthropist who has become a familiar villain for the right.

The eight-page report was prepared by Americans for Public Trust, a group linked to Leonard Leo, the influential conservative operative.

And it illustrates how Republicans are trying to paint Wyss as their next left-wing Svengali.  

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To Make Health Care Affordable, Give Patients Choices

Affordability is on the mind of every American in 2024. From groceries to gas, Americans are spending more. Health care is no different, especially for those with costly medical conditions and high deductibles who started back at $0 of their “deductible met” on January 1.

Health care affordability was recently listed as a top issue for voters in 2024 alongside inflation, with eight in ten and nine in ten wanting presidential candidates to talk about the issues, respectively. In 2023, family health insurance premiums rose to nearly $24,000—a 7 percent increase from 2022—and one in five adults with insurance reported not obtaining needed health care in the past year due to cost.

The country is also spending more overall. Every December, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services provides national health expenditure data for the prior year. Last month’s data showed that in 2022, Americans spent $4.5 trillion—17.3 percent of our GDP—on health care. This was a 4.1 percent increase from 2021 and averaged about $13,500 per person.

This year marks the 11-year anniversary of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA)—a sweeping law now proven to be affordable in name only. Earlier this month, President Joe Biden touted a record 20 million Americans enrolled in ACA marketplaces as a marker of the law’s success. What he didn’t address was the high cost of health care in America and the amount of government subsidization required to keep up with rising costs.

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Steel yourself — the stock market is irrationally exuberant again

Reflecting on the stock market, Sir Isaac Newton famously remarked he could calculate the movement of the heavenly bodies, but he could not calculate “the madness of man.”

We have to wonder what he’d be saying about today’s US stock market.

While major economic and geopolitical risks to the economic recovery are in plain sight, the markets set new record highs as if there were no tomorrow.

The Dow closed Monday above 38,000 for the first time, and the S&P 500 had a record finish too.

How quickly markets have forgotten how off guard they were caught in 2008 with the US subprime and housing market bubbles bursting.

Those events led to the sharpest market decline since the 1929 stock-market crash.

The major economic risk now confronting us is the result of the Federal Reserve’s hawkish monetary-policy stance and the COVID-19 pandemic’s fallout on work and shopping habits.

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Old People Love Cable News — and They Vote

Cable news was having a terrible 2023 even before it was half over. Don Lemon got sacked by CNN boss Chris Licht, and then Licht got the heave-ho himself after the Atlantic’s Tim Alberta scrutinized his short reign. Tucker Carlson, who fancied himself a veritable network within the Fox News Channel, got the same treatment after his patron, Rupert Murdoch, paid Dominion Voting Systems $787.5 million to vaporize its libel suit against Fox. Only MSNBC was spared the drama.

There was much more bad news to report. Ratings were down, prompting media analyst Alan Wolk to claim “ Cable News Is Dying” and then-Washington Post media reporter Paul Farhi to diagnose the business’ “ looming existential crisis.” Financial Times columnist Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson and Richard J. Tofel, a former executive at the Wall Street Journal and ProPublica, agreed, as did the conservative American Enterprise Institute’s Christen Rosen. Even Carlson, now divorced from the medium that had made him a star, was detecting a “ limited future” for cable.

These obituaries had been foreshadowed in a 2016 Atlantic feature by Derek Thompson, who stacked the causes of cable news’ demise like this as he predicted Fox’s fall: An approaching demographic cliff was going to swallow the network’s core of elderly white male viewers; cord-cutting was gaining steam and was destined to deplete cable news’ audience from another direction; and the evolution of new technologies would usher in the medium’s twilight.

But the recent predictions about the end of cable news are just as inaccurate as Thompson’s 2016 Fox prophecy. Cable news possesses phenomenal staying power, for reasons detailed below. It may well outlive its obituarists.

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