President Obama Misleads Americans

Obamacare Causes Federal Employees Premiums to Rise

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                          
October 5, 2010

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Jim Martin, Chairman of the 60 Plus Association today issued the following statement regarding the Office of Personnel Management Director John Berry’s announcement that the costs of the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program are expected to rise by 7.2 percent, while private-sector plans are anticipated to rise by 8.9 to 10.5 percent:

“Washington liberals promised that their health reform package would bring down the rapidly growing cost of health care, but instead, costs are expected to rise by 7 to 10 percent in 2011.  This stems from a fundamental problem of the new legislation:  ObamaCare didn’t reverse the skyrocketing cost of medical care in this country, Congress just found someone else to foot the bill!”