Public Service Announcements

Pure Senior Advocacy

Nothing says advocacy like a Public Service Announcement and nobody delivers a PSA like Pat Boone!  As a trusted voice, Pat can communicate an effective message that will resonate with any listener.

Pat Boone has been a tireless advocate for seniors and an invaluable part of the 60 Plus team since joining us as National Spokesman nearly 20 years ago.  Always willing to pitch in and help out, Pat can always seem to draw attention where others would come up empty. 

In early 2021, the 60 Plus Association launched a COVID-19 vaccination project to help seniors find vaccination locations, get accurate information, and help them in making this important medical decision.  At the center of the effort was a Public Service Announcement from Pat Boone that aired on hundreds of radio stations across the country.

Another related project was an effort to acquire personal protection equipment for police officers and other first responders during the onset of the pandemic. Pat delivered a PSA that was as smooth and natural as a kitchen table conversation with a beloved relative.  The effort was a success and we were able to help first responders across the country.  Nobody can deliver a PSA like entertainment legend Pat Boone! 

In the past, a PSA was related to limited airtime on AM radio early in the wee hours of the morning.  That has changed with the advent of social media and streaming radio.  A PSA can reach a much broader audience now and can be an extremely effective way to deliver a message. Contact us to find out how 60 Plus can deliver a meaningful and passionate public service announcement for you!