Senior Voters Lead Way for Romney/Ryan Victory Today

Jim Martin, “The first senior tsunami came ashore in 2010 and swept over 60 members of Congress out of office.  The second wave is here now and it’s headed right for the White House.”

(Alexandria, Virginia) – On the eve of a neck-and-neck presidential election, America’s seniors will once again be the deciding factor and put Governor Mitt Romney in the White House, so says 60 Plus Chairman and founder Jim Martin, leader of the nation’s largest conservative seniors organization with over 7 million supporters.  Current polls show Romney leading Obama among voters 65 and older by 25 percentage points, a significant advantage for the Republican challenger given that seniors have the highest voter participation rate of any age group.

“There’s no question that America’s seniors will give Governor Romney their overwhelming support today, and sweep him into the White House” said Martin.  “Senior citizens better than any other group understand how devastating President Obama’s policies have been to every generation.  They won’t sit idly by as he continues to squander our nation’s greatness, and liquidate our future under trillions more in debt.

“Four years ago, seniors earned distinction by being the only voting bloc that rejected Obama’s phony promises.  Today, we are seeing that the rest of America has come around to our way of thinking, including 46 newspaper editorial boards that endorsed Obama in 2008 but are now endorsing Governor Romney.  To them we say, ‘welcome aboard, better late than never!’

“Never forget, America’s seniors fought in wars and bled to defend freedom and make this country everything it is today.  For four long years we’ve watched as this President has trampled on everything that defines us as a nation, and now tramples on his opponent, his predecessor and the truth itself in a desperate plea for four more years.  Seniors know a great leader when they see one, regardless of party, and this President falls far short of deserving our consideration or our vote.

“Today is the day America makes a major course correction, and seniors are proud to put their years of wisdom and sound judgment front and center and lead the way to a new and better day.  We have seen enough of the damage and despair caused by this President.  Now it is time for a new direction and a new President — Governor Mitt Romney.”