Seniors Agree: Drug Companies Deserve Nobel Prize

Industry response to Operation Warp Speed merits global appreciation

The 60 Plus Association Founder and Chairman Jim Martin Monday issued the following statement in support of America’s pharmaceutical industry:

“Wall Street Journal Deputy Editorial Page Editor Daniel Henninger is right and seniors agree: the scientists, researchers and leaders of America’s pharmaceutical companies deserve to share in receiving the Nobel Peace Prize for their response to Operation Warp Speed and the development of COVID-19 vaccines. 

Never before has a public-private partnership been so important and so effective in responding to a crisis and in the process, saving untold numbers of lives, not just in the United States but across the entire world. Compared with past vaccine efforts, the speed with which these vaccines have been developed and tested truly boggles the mind. 

America’s seniors have been hardest hit by the coronavirus and they are grateful for the efforts of those who made these vaccines possible. Once the Food and Drug Administration completes its review of the vaccine data, President Trump’s proposal for prioritizing the vaccination of older Americans means thousands of grandmas and grandpas will be able to celebrate holidays, birthdays, weddings, graduations and other events that represent milestones in the lives of their grandchildren again. This is not a small thing. 

COVID-19 vaccines also mean the re-opening of economies around the world, staving off bankruptcies and poverty for the millions of people thrown out of work by the virus. 

This is what happens when the power of the free-market is unleashed for the benefit of humanity. It is nothing short of a modern miracle and the answer to the prayers of millions. If ever there was a group of deserving Nobel Peace Prize recipients, it is the men and women of the pharmaceutical industry. America’s seniors enthusiastically join the Wall Street Journal in its proposed nomination.”