Seniors Group Blasts Terry McAuliffe for False Attacks, Support of Obamacare

Jim Martin, “Terry McAuliffe is a friend to seniors the way sugar is a friend to a car’s gas tank. His track record is a disaster and his policies will only make life worse for Virginia’s seniors.”

(Alexandria, Virginia) — The 60 Plus Association, the nation’s largest conservative seniors organization and the acknowledged alternative to the liberal AARP, today set the record straight on which Virginia gubernatorial candidate is actually committed to protecting the Commonwealth’s senior citizens.  Spoiler alert:  it’s not Terry McAuliffe.

With an election just three and a half months away, McAuliffe has launched ads funded in part by national Democrats and labor unions attacking his Republican opponent Ken Cuccinelli as hostile to seniors, a message that 60 Plus Chairman Jim Martin says is exactly backwards.  The leader of the 7.2 million strong organization — which includes 157,000 senior supporters in the Old Dominion — issued the following statement:

“Ken Cuccinelli has been a reliable and trusted friend of seniors, which is why he earned the 60 Plus Association’s Guardian of Seniors’ Rights award in 2002, when he won a special election to serve in the Virginia senate.  Seniors know they can trust Ken to look out for them.  Whether protecting seniors’ pocketbooks, promoting safe neighborhoods, fighting for energy independence or serving as a watchdog against consumer scams targeted toward older folks, Ken Cuccinelli has always put the well-being of the elderly over politics.

“Terry McAuliffe by comparison gives seniors nothing but gray hairs.  His support of Obamacare and its $700 billion in cuts to Medicare robs seniors of the healthcare safety net they have come to rely on.  As Attorney General, Ken has taken the national lead in defeating Obamacare in the courts and in Congress.  Ken Cuccinelli is the candidate that Virginia seniors have trusted in the past, and can continue to count on to protect their values and their interests.

“Terry McAuliffe may be great at traveling the country and collecting money for far-left politicians, but when it comes to finding the right position on seniors’ issues in the Old Dominion, he needs to have his GPS fixed.  Virginia seniors overwhelmingly support Ken Cuccinelli for Governor, and will reject Mr. McAuliffe’s false and insulting attacks in droves as they head to the polls in November.”