Seniors Group Releases TV Ad Highlighting Terry Goddard’s Devotion to Obama Agenda

(Alexandria, Virginia) – The 60 Plus Association, a non-partisan, conservative leaning seniors organization with more than 167,000 senior supporters in Arizona, today released a new TV ad highlighting Democratic Secretary of State nominee Terry Goddard’s devotion to President Obama’s policies.

The ad notes that as Arizona Attorney General, Goddard refused to enforce the state’s immigration laws, a position held and supported by the Obama Administration against the wishes of a strong majority of Arizona residents.  The ad further informs voters of Goddard’s support of higher taxes and bigger government which are both hallmarks of Obama’s tenure in office.

Said 60 Plus President Amy Frederick, “At a time when the country — and even his own party — are rejecting Obama’s failed agenda and acknowledging it has been a disaster for our country, Terry Goddard’s campaign for Arizona Secretary of State stands as a solitary endorsement of the President’s policies the past six years.

“Terry Goddard claims he will serve the interests of all Arizona citizens, but his record tells a different story.  He is a dedicated partisan politician, who fully embraces the failed policies of bigger government, higher taxes, and disregard for the rule of law that have defined the direction of our nation under the Obama Administration.

“When voters know of Terry Goddard’s loyalty to ideology over the values and beliefs of the people of Arizona, we are confident they will reject his campaign.”

The ad, which will run on cable and broadcast throughout the state, can be viewed here.