Seniors Group Stands Behind Dumping the Doc Fix

(Alexandria, Virginia) — The 60 Plus Association, America’s largest center-right seniors group with over 7.2 million supporters, today endorsed bi-partisan congressional legislation introduced this week to reform and strengthen Medicare by eliminating the Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) and accompanying “doc fix”. The SGR has triggered deep cuts to physician reimbursements since its enactment nearly 20 years ago, with 17 congressional doc fixes reinstating much of the funding. This proposed reform would end the SGR and restructure Medicare payments, thus ending the need for the doc fix.

“The SGR and doc fix are a political shell game, a three-card-monte ruse that relies more on sleight of hand and showmanship rather than sound public policy to address Medicare’s shortcomings. Major entitlement reform of this magnitude is historic, and the benefit to seniors significant. No longer will they be distressed each year wondering if the Medicare they desperately depend upon will be there for them.

“With more and more physicians turning away Medicare patients, this proposal could not come at a better time. Giving doctors and other healthcare providers a sound, stable and predictable reimbursement schedule will allow them to better manage their medical practice and in turn better serve the patients who need them. It is about time that Washington stop making our family doctor jump through hoops just to practice medicine.”

Concluded Martin, “Seniors are extremely grateful to congressional leaders from both parties for coming together on a solution to end this chronic and divisive problem. We strongly endorse these efforts and urge swift passage.”