Seniors Overwhelming Support for Romney Could Spell Trouble for Democrats Nationally

Latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows GOP Challenger besting President by 25 points with seniors.


(Alexandria, Virginia) – Polls continue to show a growing lead for the ticket of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan among voters 65 and over, with the release of the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey giving Governor Romney a 25 point lead over Barack Obama, 60% to 35%.  Seniors made up nearly a quarter of the voters in the 2010 elections that swept over 60 members of Congress out of office, and the latest poll results have one prominent leader saying the ‘senior tsunami’ of 2010 is once again coming ashore in 2012.

Said 60 Plus Chairman Jim Martin, “These poll results are entirely what one would expect given that President Obama has led the most anti-senior administration in our lifetime.  This is the President who worked with Nancy Pelosi to gut Medicare by over $700 billion, dismantled the Medicare Advantage coverage of 13 million seniors, performed shenanigans with the payroll tax that has depleted the Social Security Trust fund, and has abjectly refused to do anything about the looming crisis with entitlements that will lead to Medicare and Social Security going bust.  Because of the policies of this President, there are very few seniors not named Warren Buffett who can say they are better off now than they were four years ago.

“Given this record, seniors find it ridiculous and frankly unbelievable that Obama actually attempted to attack Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan as enemies of Social Security and Medicare.  These phony distractions may have worked 10 or 20 years ago, but those days are long gone.  With the horrendous Obama record in plain view for all to see, the sorry attempt to besmirch the Republican ticket has only served to boost Mitt Romney’s support among America’s elderly.”

Martin said Romney’s surge among seniors could hold consequences for the congressional elections as well.  “The senior surge for Mitt Romney will have an impact down the ballot, mark my word.  Seniors will come to the polls in droves to vote for Mitt Romney and against the Democrat House and Senate candidates who support Obamacare and its severe cuts to Medicare.  The senior tsunami of 2010 has not gone anywhere, in fact if anything it is just off-shore, gaining strength.

“Yes, seniors may walk slow, and we may drive slow.  But just as all the surveys suggest, when it comes to voting this November, you are going to see a stampede of older Americans heading to the polls for a change in the White House.”

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