Shameful Democrats Rush to Defense of Their IRS Political Partners

Jim Martin: “Democrats claim to be the party of the little guy, but they’ve been exposed as the party of the giant lie — big government bullies who will use any means necessary.”

(Alexandria, Virginia) — The 60 Plus Association, the nation’s largest conservative seniors organization and acknowledged alternative to the liberal AARP today scolded Democrats for using the IRS to attack political opponents, and continuing to defend their corrupt and illegal behavior on Capitol Hill. During hearings this week Senate Democrats defended the IRS against charges of criminal wrongdoing and political payback, saying they were merely confused about applying the law in the wake of the Citizens United Supreme Court case.

 This brought a strong rebuke from 60 Plus Chairman and Founder Jim Martin:

 “On a day that IRS chief Lois Lerner — head of the most intimidating bureaucracy in the free world — pleads the 5th like a common criminal, Senate Democrats defend the IRS’s indefensible behavior as if it were a mere clerical error.  How dumb do they think the American public is?  She claims she’s not good at math, but apparently she can count to five.

Citizens United didn’t make the IRS audit Mitt Romney donors, nor did it make them scrutinize college interns working at conservative organizations.  Confusion about Citizens United was not the reason organizations like 60 Plus wound up on an IRS hit list.  The depths Democrats will go to help enable and cover-up IRS corruption is truly staggering.

“Will these be the same excuses when the IRS is running Obamacare, and people are denied care because of their political views?  Or are Democrats admitting that the bureaucrats who they put in charge of America’s healthcare are just incompetent.  Corruption or incompetence, which is it?

“What is especially egregious is that Senator Carl Levin (D-MI) specifically asked the IRS to target the 60 Plus Association prior to the 2012 elections, and now his brother, Rep. Sander Levin (D-MI) is accusing Republicans of ‘playing politics’ with this issue.  Such blatant hypocrisy!  Clearly politics is a family business for some Democrats, and they operate a lot like some other questionable family businesses.

“The shades of Watergate continue to hover over this scandal.  We recall Nixon’s defenders dismissed that as a ‘3rd rate burglary.’  With new revelations coming out by the day and more IRS employees tucking tail, this disgraceful escapade is making Watergate look like a bad hair day by comparison.”