Social Security at 85

President Trump vows to “totally protect” Social Security and he means it

60 Plus Founder and Chairman Jim Martin Thursday issued the following statement on the 85th anniversary of the signing of the Social Security Act.

“Few things are as important to seniors as Social Security. During the 85 years since the Social Security Act was signed August 14,1935, seniors have relied on Social Security to help provide for them in retirement. 

But if it’s an election year, you can bet the farm that Democrats will accuse Republicans of wanting to eliminate it, and 2020 is no different. President Trump has promised seniors that he will protect Social Security. When the president says Social Security will be “totally protected” under his administration, he means it.

Ever since President Trump signed his Executive Order providing financial help for working families by deferring payroll taxes, the Left has been flat-out lying about Social Security.  Any payroll taxes that are forgiven will be replaced in the Social Security Trust Fund through the General Fund – period. 

Democrats have accused Republican presidents of wanting to hurt Social Security for generations. I have observed this scare tactic since Barry Goldwater was falsely accused of wanting to do away with Social Security. Every accusation has been a lie. No Republican president has harmed Social Security and President Trump is no different. 

These attempts to scare seniors worked for a few election cycles but after 50 years of lying, it has become the political equivalent of the boy who cried wolf. Seniors have read this story to their children and their grandchildren for a long time, and they know a fib when they hear it. Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and the socialists who support them can try to scare seniors in 2020 like they do in every election year, but it won’t work. 

Social Security has been protected for the past 85 years and it will continue. Donald Trump is a president who keeps his promises and he will totally protect Social Security.”