Some are out to Destroy America and Western Civilization

Outside Agitators: Professional agitators are organizing most of these demonstrations across the country… while so many of the students have no idea what they are demonstrating for or against, let alone the history and circumstances of what is happening in Israel.

There are those who want to destroy our country and are helping create division, chaos, and hate that only serves their purpose. This is NOT organic and it’s not accidental.

The far left is abusing our free society and arguing for a system that ultimately is repressive and hasn’t worked as they imagine anywhere in the world.

In fact, in the name of socialism and communism, tens of millions have been murdered, many others incarcerated, not to mention freedom and liberty lost.

This is a problem. 

Elections have consequences. 

EVERY Democrat in Congress has voted to empower these radicals. Liberal prosecutors and judges are encouraging this activity by ignoring the rule of law.

Pay attention folks… these problems are coming to a neighborhood near you!

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These Protests are the Result of Bad Parenting and an Education System Churning Out Morons

Sometimes, good parents raise bad kids. It is possible to do everything right and still churn out a real piece of post-digested food. It happens. It just doesn’t happen very often, which is why it’s pretty easy to look at the mutant mob and professional protester class currently staging mini-Beer Hall Putschs they hope will weave together into a one, large real opportunity for them to murder as many white people, normal people, straight people, non-obedient people and especially Jews as possible. Fascists always have a real problem with Jews.

So, where did all these bi-pedal piles of garbage on college campuses in blue states across the country come from? It’s really easy to just say “bad parents,” and it’s also true – most of their parents truly suck. They’re probably “down” with the cause, proud of their little Goebbels wannabes and aspiring Himmlers; happy to drop more than the average American annual salary on the further indoctrination of their drone. But these goose-stepping goon squad members wouldn’t be able to exist without an education system that keeps them ignorant of history and unable to think for themselves.

Progressivism – be it in the form of communism, socialism or fascism – requires an unquestioning, obedient population to thrive. Luckily, it is human nature to question things, either in a quest for knowledge or simple curiosity. That means most people’s minds are not fertile ground for stupidity. But some people’s heads are naturally full of fertilizer and not much else – a vacuum of intelligence in which these poisonous ideas take root and flourish. 

It is not surprising that an American student would have no idea what the story and truth behind “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” is. Honestly, it’s not really an issue on this half of the planet. What is surprising, and a testament to just how effective the Democratic Party has been in indoctrinating kids, is how even after these protesters learn that it is a literal call for genocide against Jews created by terrorists and terrorist sympathizers, these morons still chant it.

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One Word in Your State Constitution Could Open Up Your Elections to Foreign Nationals

But a majority of state constitutions declare that every citizen — not necessarily only a citizen — is an eligible voter.

In June, Burlington became the third Vermont city to allow foreign nationals to vote. It should come as no surprise that the home of socialist U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders would sign off, and Vermont’s Democrat-controlled legislature would override liberal Republican Gov. Phil Scott’s veto of Burlington’s charter change to let noncitizens cast ballots in local elections. 

The leftists were overjoyed.  

“We have a lot more immigrants and refugees, folks who’ve come here who don’t hold U.S. citizenship status, and they’ve been here for years,” Rep. Emma Mulvaney-Stanak, a Burlington Democrat and leader of the Vermont House Progressive Caucus, told Vermont Public Radio at the time.  

Burlington changed its charter (and tweaked state law), giving the right to vote to any citizen or “legal resident” foreigner — someone “who resides in the United States on a permanent or indefinite basis in compliance with federal immigration laws,” according to the Vermont League of Cities and Towns.

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Will hackers, trolls and AI deepfakes upset the 2024 election?

In the analog days of the 1970s, long before hackers, trolls and edgelords, an audiocassette company came up with an advertising slogan that posed a trick question: “Is it live or is it Memorex?” The message toyed with reality, suggesting there was no difference in sound quality between a live performance and music recorded on tape.

Fast forward to our age of metaverse lies and deceptions, and one might ask similar questions about what’s real and what’s not: Is President Biden on a robocall telling Democrats to not vote? Is Donald Trump chumming it up with Black men on a porch? Is the U.S. going to war with Russia? Fact and fiction appear interchangeable in an election year when AI-generated content is targeting voters in ways that were once unimaginable.

American politics is accustomed to chicanery — opponents of Thomas Jefferson warned the public in 1800 that he would burn their Bibles if elected — but artificial intelligence is bending reality into a video game world of avatars and deepfakes designed to sow confusion and chaos. The ability of AI programs to produce and scale disinformation with swiftness and breadth is the weapon of lone wolf provocateurs and intelligence agencies in Russia, China and North Korea.

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DA Bragg’s Web of Deceit Starts to Unravel

Instead of admitting that Michael Cohen, his central witness, has gone rogue and self-destructed, D.A. Bragg persists in his contemptible pursuit of Trump

Liars don’t win trials. The truth does. That’s how it’s supposed to work, anyway.

Fulfilling that maxim is the challenge for the defense in the Manhattan trial of Donald Trump. Lawyers for the former President are tasked with exposing the legal deceit of District Attorney Alvin Bragg and the chronic dishonesty of his star witness, Michael Cohen. Compounding the challenge is a presiding judge, Juan Merchan, whose anti-Trump bias is conspicuous and disgraceful.

Back on the stand Thursday was the Beverly Hills attorney who negotiated payments for two women who demanded exorbitant cash from Trump in exchange for their silence about purported affairs. But the witness, Keith Davidson, admitted he had no contact whatsoever with the defendant and never met him. He dealt exclusively with Trump’s ex-lawyer, Cohen, who appeared to be acting entirely on his own. Nothing in his testimony involved crimes allegedly committed by Trump.

Davidson’s description of Cohen was both accurate and scathing —profane, offensive, unceasingly angry, and often threatening. Importantly, he depicted Cohen as a liar who turned bitter toward Trump when the newly elected president refused to take him to Washington, D.C. Jurors learned that Cohen had delusions of grandeur, envisioning himself as White House chief of staff or even attorney general of the United States.

When his bubble burst, Cohen detonated like a nuclear device with seething hatred for his former boss that became a maniacal obsession. He raged to Davidson, “Jesus Christ, can you f***ing believe I’m not going to Washington after everything I’ve done for that guy?” Cohen seemed suicidal. This helps shape the defense theory that Cohen’s real objective in testifying against Trump is vengeance, not truth.

It’s hard to imagine that any sentient or ethical prosecutor would ever rest his case on the slumped shoulders of an unhinged and inveterate liar like Cohen. After confessing in 2018 to a string of shameful fabrications under oath, he was dispatched to prison for perjury and fraud. He is exactly what a federal judge called him recently, “a serial perjurer.” He’s the Talented Mr. Ripley…without the talent.

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Watch Out for a Global Wealth Tax

Will Biden and Yellen buy into the G-20 proposal for a 2% tax on assets?

In our new socialist age, the demand to tax and redistribute income is insatiable. The latest brainstorm arrives in a proposal by four countries in the G-20 group of nations to impose a 2% wealth tax on the world’s billionaires. Don’t think this couldn’t happen.

“The tax could be designed as a minimum levy equivalent to 2% of the wealth of the super-rich,” write economic ministers of Germany, Spain, Brazil and South Africa in the Guardian. They say the levy would raise about $250 billion a year from some 3,000 billionaires and “would boost social justice and increase trust in the effectiveness of fiscal redistribution.” The countries plan to float this at the next G-20 meeting in June.

As you might expect, this would principally be a tax raid on Americans, who are the most numerous billionaires. It would also be taxation without representation, since it would be a body of global elites attempting to impose a tax without having passed Congress.

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Time to defuse public pension time bomb

Across the states, America’s public employee pension plans are a ticking, insolvent time bomb. “For most states,” the Pew State Fiscal Health Project said in July 2022, “unfunded pension liabilities are the largest of three major long-term obligations weighing on their future finances.”

Things have likely improved since the end of the lockdowns, but in fiscal year 2019 — the last for which the state-by-state data is available — “states owed a total of $1.25 trillion in unfunded pension benefits.”

You don’t hear much about this, but it’s a big problem in big blue states such as Illinois, California and New York.

In general, these fiscal concerns have not arisen because there’s not enough revenue coming in. After the Trump tax cuts went into effect, the feds were awash in money. Revenues were well more than what was predicted had the tax cuts not become law. The problem is spending. Even where balanced budgets are required, the politicians find ways to spend more than comes in.

When a crisis hit, like the lockdowns that shuttered businesses and communities for months during the pandemic, economic activity slowed, and millions of Americans went on relief.

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Biden crackdown on power plants expected to speed shift away from coal

The Biden administration’s crackdown on power plants’ planet-warming emissions will accelerate a shift away from coal, and potentially speed the U.S.’s adoption of renewable energy sources.

The administration this past week announced a new rule that will require coal plants and new gas plants to install carbon-capture technology to mitigate 90 percent of their emissions — or find another way to achieve the equivalent climate protections.

But experts say that instead of trying to meet these requirements, more coal plants may just retire — and some power companies may opt to invest in renewables over keeping existing coal plants or putting costly carbon capture on new gas ones. 

“What we’ve seen, even without these rules, is that coal generation is falling,” said Christopher Knittel, a professor of applied economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), noting that “the writing’s kind of on the wall” because of fracking driving down natural gas prices.

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Biden’s information power grab

Remember when the internet died on June 11, 2018? Neither do we. But if you had listened to any member of the Democratic Party who commented on the subject at the time, that was the day Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai destroyed the internet with the rescission of former President Barack Obama‘s “net neutrality” regulation.

“Ending net neutrality ends the internet as we know it,” Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT) warned months before Pai’s move. “Ending net neutrality will allow massive corporations to smother startups and innovation,” Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA) added. Yadda, yadda.

None of these hysterical Democratic warnings came true. Quite the opposite happened. Whereas broadband investment fell while Obama’s net neutrality regulation was in place, it grew more than 30% after net neutrality was repealed. Venture capital investments in startups tripled between 2017 and 2021, while the number of new firms has almost doubled.

Since net neutrality was repealed, broadband speeds are up, and prices are down. Democrats once warned that getting rid of net neutrality would kill the young streaming revolution, but people now watch more than three hours of digital video every day.

So complete has been the debunking of everything Democrats warned about that President Joe Biden’s FCC chairwoman, Jessica Rosenworcel, has had to come up with new justifications for the federal government’s micromanaging of broadband. They are alarming.

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Unredactions Reveal Early White House Involvement in Trump Documents Case

Top Biden administration officials worked with the National Archives to develop Special Counsel Jack Smith’s case against Donald Trump involving the former president’s alleged mishandling of classified material, according to recently unsealed court documents in the case pending in southern Florida.

More than 300 pages of newly unredacted exhibits, containing emails and other correspondence related to the early stages of the hunt for presidential papers, challenge public statements by Joe Biden about what he knew and when he knew it regarding the case against his political rival.

The new disclosures indicate the Department of Justice was in touch with the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) during much of 2021, undermining the DOJ’s claims that it became involved in the matter only after the Archives sent it a criminal referral on February 9, 2022, based on the findings of records with “classified markings” in 15 boxes of materials Trump gave to the Archives a month prior.

The court exhibits, which were compiled by Trump’s defense lawyers and kept under seal until last week, also show that Deputy White House Counsel Jonathan Su regularly communicated with Archive officials.

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Five Ways to Make Retirement a Little Less Scary

To avoid lying awake at night once you’re retired, consider having these strategies in place before you take the plunge.

On July 10, 2023, I walked out of my old office for the last time. Upon my departure, I gave up a lot of my identity. I spent eight years with the firm and was one of four owners. I lost some relationships. No, I didn’t lose friends or leave on bad terms, but I walked away from the thing that connected us and the daily social interaction it facilitated. I said goodbye to the daily structure.

And, oh yeah, I gave up a nice paycheck. No matter how much money you have in the bank, how well prepared you may be, that’s scary. And while I wasn’t retiring, almost every retiree faces these same challenges.

Below are a few strategies to help you sleep better at night in your first few years of retirement.

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