Supreme Court Halts Obama’s Illegal Attack on U.S. Energy

“An important victory for American consumers, especially for seniors on fixed incomes.”

(Alexandria, Virginia) — The non-partisan 60 Plus Association, America’s largest free-market seniors advocacy organization, with over 7.2 million supporters, today issued a statement applauding the Supreme Court’s decision to halt the EPA’s so-called ‘Clean Power Plan,’ (CPP) which sought to impose severe emissions regulations on U.S. power plants:

Said 60 Plus Vice President Matthew Kandrach, “We stated from the very beginning that President Obama’s scheme to hog-tie America’s energy production through a severe and arbitrary regulatory scheme was illegal and a massive overreach of federal authority.  Thankfully, the Supreme Court agrees, noting the CPP failed to justify its aims in cost and within the boundaries of federal authority.

“The CPP was a time-bomb, set to explode the monthly electric bills of all Americans, driving up the cost of goods and services across our economy, and severely weakening our nation’s energy independence.  Seniors on fixed incomes especially would have suffered more than any other age group, making the Court’s decision law both just and compassionate.  The EPA already imposes strict regulations on energy producers, and the 50 states must be allowed the leeway to contour their environmental standards within these regulations, based on their own unique criteria and energy mix.

“Obama went far beyond the bounds of the law in using federal power to remake American energy to fit his radical environmental agenda.  Every American who struggles in this economy or has to worry about making ends meet to pay their monthly bills, seniors especially, should be thankful the Supreme Court put a stop to it.”