The United Steelworkers Union needs to place the interests of New Jersey patients first and bring an end to this strike now.

Three months into the United Steelworkers Union strike, and another round of negotiations was denied by the Union. COVID-19 rates are increasing nationwide and in New Jersey and will likely continue increasing as the winter season approaches. As we saw last year, spikes in respiratory-related infections greatly affected senior citizens and hospitals across the state. 

The Steelworkers Union has continuously turned down offers from RWJUH despite offering increased pay and staffing levels. At every turn, RWJUH has met the Union’s demands because they want their nurses compensated and cared for, but not over the needs of their patients. 

At 60 Plus, we hold a strong conviction that senior citizens in New Jersey should consistently have access to secure and serene healthcare, irrespective of the persistent difficulties within the healthcare system. It is of utmost importance for the United Steelworkers Union to come to an agreement at the negotiating table this week, ultimately giving precedence to the lives and well-being of patients over union-related actions and demonstrations.