Support Repeal of the Death Tax!

Senator John Thune (R-SD) has introduced the Death Tax Repeal Permanency Act of 2013. This bill will remove the burden of the Death Tax (technically known as the estate tax) from countless families in the future.

The Death Tax has been instituted four times in our nation’s history, each time to prepare for a conflict and three times it was repealed shortly afterwards. The most recent time it was instituted was for World War I, a war that has been over for 95 years! It is time to repeal this tax because it is unnecessary and hurtful to America’s seniors and family businesses.

The tax is morally indefensible and is one of the most economically destructive features of our tax code, with very little revenue to show for the damage it does. It has been seven years since the Senate has cast a vote on a bill that would actually repeal the tax and it is time for a vote again so that America’s seniors know who stands on the side of liberty and the rights of property and who wants to take from the dead to involuntarily redistribute to others.

It is critical we get as many senators on board in support of this important legislation.  To learn where your senators stand on this bill, select your state below.  You’ll then have the opportunity to share your thoughts with your senators directly from this website.

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