Time to End EPA’s Crucifixion of America’s Energy Producers

Jim Martin: “Republicans should publicly pledge to oppose the confirmation of any adherent of ‘global warming’ to the EPA.

(Alexandria, Virginia) – President Barack Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has admitted a regulatory agenda of cracking down in an especially brutal manner on America’s energy producers, making ‘examples’ of them, and confessing the EPA’s aim was to ‘crucify’ them, an outrageous and frightening specter that spurred a statement from 60 Plus Association Chairman Jim Martin, leader of the nation’s largest conservative seniors organization:

“If anyone had any questions about the radical anti-energy agenda of this White House, the comments attacking America’s energy producers should remove all doubt.  The mentality of this President and his devotees that energy producers are the enemy is all people need to know to understand why we are all paying record prices to fill up our tanks, and new permits for energy exploration are at an all-time low.

“The EPA administrator who made this statement should be fired immediately; a failure to do so by Energy Secretary Salazar would only confirm that the President and his Administration agree with these noxious anti-energy sentiments.  This episode makes clear that the EPA has grown far too big and too powerful, and is hurting our nation by trying to regulate every area of our lives.

“Leaders in Congress and candidate Romney ought to make clear to the American public that they will not tolerate this anti-energy culture at the EPA any longer, and that going forward all nominees to the EPA will be thoroughly vetted on their views, to ensure that environmental extremists and disciples of the phony global warming agenda do not serve within its walls.  It is time to clean house.  Scale back the size and power of the EPA, and staff it with people who support American energy, so people can be free and our nation can prosper.”