Trump Continues Obamacare Roll-Back Effort

Incremental step ‘encouraging,’ but ‘the best path forward is to
finally and fully repeal Obamacare’

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia (August 2, 2018) – 60 Plus Association Founder and Chairman James Martin Thursday issued the following statement on the Trump Administration’s new rules on short-term health insurance policies:

“The efforts of President Trump and Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar are encouraging but much more needs to be done. This ‘Bit-by-Bit’ approach to rolling back Obamacare, including new rules on affordable, short-term health insurance policies, certainly serve a purpose, particularly for Americans who find themselves in need of health care but are not yet eligible for Medicare coverage. That is to the good.

“But let’s not miss the forest for the trees. The complexity of the Obamacare disaster cannot be fixed one tweak at a time. While the effort is well intentioned and needed, unfortunately the current Administration will continue to be strafed by Democrats led by Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Chuck Schumer, who will falsely claim that all increases in premiums are caused by the administration, which is intended to deflect criticism away from the huge cost increases caused by Obamacare. The best path forward is to finally and fully repeal Obamacare so American families can be relieved of this monstrosity’s excessive burdens.

“President Trump has shown that he’s prepared to lead but we need elected officials who are willing to join the fight to finally drive a stake through the heart of Obamacare.”