Trump Speech Showcases Successes

State of the Union Reflects Promises Made, Promises Kept

60 Plus Association and American Association of Senior Citizens Founder and Chairman James Martin today issued the following statement on President Trump’s third State of the Union Address.

“I have watched or attended more than 60 State of the Union Addresses but I have never seen an address like the one President Trump delivered Tuesday evening. All presidents say the state of the union is strong but the state of America after the first three years of the Trump administration is the most robust and remarkable I can recall.

From historic low unemployment, rising wages and growing economic opportunity, to increased national security and guarantees of preserving Social Security and Medicare for seniors, the success of this administration can be attributed to one simple fact: Donald Trump is a man who keeps his promises. 

The promises President Trump keeps are improving the quality of life for all Americans. Perhaps that’s why the newest Gallup Poll finds that President Trump’s approval rating is at an all-time high – higher than his predecessor at this stage of his first term. 

The depth and breadth of his accomplishments have resonated with millions of Americans. Just last week, a different Gallup Poll found that more Americans believe race relations have improved since his inauguration, that American minorities are doing better than three years ago, and that the economy, military and national security are better than in January, 2017. 

President Trump is an unusual politician. He makes promises and he keeps them and in doing so, shows his deep compassion for the American people. His third State of the Union Address was simply outstanding.”