Trump’s EPA Delivers on Coal Rules

Rolling Back Flawed Obama Regulation Breathes New Life Into Coal Industry

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia (October 10, 2017) – 60 Plus Founder and Chairman James Martin Tuesday issued the following statement in response to Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt’s action to repeal regulations limiting electrical production by coal power plants.

“Coal miners across America are celebrating today now that President Trump and his administration have kept their promise to end the war on coal. I salute EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt for rolling back the unwise and unnecessary regulations on coal-fired power plants imposed by the previous administration.

“As the son of a coal miner and a native of Hazard, Kentucky, this issue is part of my DNA and I know unequivocally that today’s action by the EPA is some of the best news coal country has received in many years.

“But this action is more than just a win for America’s coal industry. It’s a win for all Americans who were worried about Barack Obama’s promise that electricity rates would “necessarily skyrocket,” under his plan, but can now breath a sigh of relief knowing the Trump administration actually cares about how much people pay to heat and cool their homes. This is especially important for seniors on a fixed income who simply could not afford Obama’s higher utility bills.

“Rural families will also benefit greatly from today’s EPA action. The majority of power produced for rural electrical co-ops comes from coal so rolling back these harmful regulations means farmers, ranchers and other families living in rural areas can count on a reliable, abundant and affordable source of energy.

“But we must remain vigilant in this fight. It’s a good bet that liberal elites will try to stop the administration from sparing Americans the misery of higher utility bills and we’re prepared to stand with the Trump administration in keeping electricity affordable,” concluded Martin.