Virginia Seniors Tell Tim Kaine the Health Care Law He Supported is Bad for Seniors in New Ad

60 Plus Association launches $770,000 ad campaign

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – The 60 Plus Association today launched a new $770,000 ad campaign in Virginia that features a number of local seniors.  In the ad, which will run statewide beginning August 29, Virginia seniors explain why the health care law Tim Kaine and President Obama supported is bad for seniors, highlighting the massive cuts made to Medicare and the disastrous impact the controversial Independent Payment Advisory Board will have on seniors.

“Washington made a lot of promises about health care reform, but Obama’s health care bill, which Tim Kaine supported, made the system worse for Virginia seniors,” said Jim Martin, Chairman and Founder of the 60 Plus Association.  “The Obama-Kaine health care legislation ended Medicare as we know it, cutting $700 billion from the program and putting a bureaucrat between us and our doctors.  We were promised real health care reform, but seniors are still waiting.”

The $770,000 ad campaign will run statewide in Virginia beginning on August 29.  To view a copy of the ad, please click here.


America’s seniors needed real health care reform.

But the new health care law makes things worse for seniors like me.

It’s putting Washington between my doctor and me…

…And gives bureaucrats the power to deny me the care I need and deserve.

It also cuts $700 billion from Medicare…

To pay for more wasteful spending in Washington.

Don’t they know Medicare is already going bankrupt?

And – Tim Kaine was a vocal supporter of the law.

Tell Tim Kaine:  We needed real health care reform…

…And we still do.