Why are Democrats supporting open borders?

Biden’s ‘Free Stuff’: There is NO such thing.

The government can’t give something to someone until it FIRST takes something away from someone else.

This blatant attempt by Biden and the Democrats to buy votes at the expense of taxpayers will eventually backfire.

Waiving school loan debt… you and I, the taxpayer, get stuck with the bill.

Paying welfare for illegal immigrants… you and I, the taxpayer, get stuck with the bill.

All the open border policies and their costs… you and I, the taxpayer, get stuck with the bill.

Construction of a new bridge that insurance companies should pay for… you and I, the taxpayer, get stuck with the bill.

Subsidizing the ‘green new deal’… you and I, the taxpayer, get stuck with the bill.

Thousands of special interest projects… you and I, the taxpayer, get stuck with the bill.

Bottom line…you and I, those who pay taxes, are paying the bill.

NBC Makes It Clear: NBC News drops former RNC Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel as a paid contributor following an on-air revolt from their hosts. Seriously, another “unacceptable” Republican to be on air to help “balance” their political news and commentary.

I guess a midwestern mom who is a Republican (and not a right-winger at that) is someone to be afraid of.

NBC should never get to host a GOP primary debate or town hall. GOP Senators and Congressmen should not let themselves be manipulated if they go on Meet the Press. No NBC anchor should participate in a presidential debate. What NBC is saying is that if you’re for Trump, you don’t belong. If you’re a Republican who isn’t anti Trump, you don’t belong. 

Got it. Let NBC be for Democrats only.

Open Borders: If President Biden is really serious about controlling the border, he has 64 different things he can do. That is undoing the 64 things — the executive orders — that got us into this mess to begin with.

No new laws. No new legislation. Just a little humble pie and honesty.

Why: Seriously, every American should just ask why.

Why are Democrats supporting open borders?

Why are Democrats supporting no-bail release of violent criminals?

Why are Democrats shipping illegal immigrants into your neighborhoods?

Why did EVERY Senate Democrat vote against the Laken Riley Act?

Why did EVERY Senate Democrat vote against ending Sanctuary Cities?

Why did EVERY Senate Democrat vote against ending Biden’s secret migrant flights into airports near you?

Why did EVERY Senate Democrat vote against fast pass entry for illegals via the CBP phone app?

Why have the Democrats politicized the FBI, CIA, and other federal law enforcements agencies?

Why have the Democrats used the FBI to entrap folks on one side, but not the other.

Why are the Democrats allowing the FBI to entrap anyone?

Why are the Democrats destroying tapes, evidence, and testimony of the January 6th Committee?

Why are the Democrats allowing ANTIFA and BLM riots across America with minimum arrests? (26 people killed and over $2 billion in damages)

Why are the Democrats allowing the current radicals to use the Palestinian cause to harass Jews?

Why are the Democrats encouraging boys to play in girls’ sports?

Why are the Democrats allowing boys to use girls’ bathrooms?

Why are the Democrats hiding Jeffrey Epstein’s and Ghislaine Maxwell’s “little black book” of potential pedophiles?

Just ask why… especially before you vote.


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This Week: Migrants in NYC getting pre-paid debit cards, the term Bidenomics is falling flat on the campaign trail, and black voters are less than enthusiastic about Biden!

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Trump leads Biden by 5 points in new national poll

Former President Donald Trump is leading Joe Biden by five points nationally in the 2024 White House race, according to a new poll.

The Fox News survey, released Wednesday, shows the ex-commander in chief leading the incumbent 50% to 45% in a head-to-head rematch of the 2020 election. 

It represents the largest lead Trump, 77, has had over Biden, 81, in a Fox News national poll, according to the outlet.

Trump maintains his edge over Biden even in a hypothetical five-way race.

The poll also found that just 22% of respondents said they are “better off” than four years ago. 

More than half of respondents – 52% – said they are “worse off.”

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The racial realignment is a humiliation for white liberals

In the aftermath of the George Floyd killing in the summer of 2020, a sea of middle-class white protesters in my former hometown of Denver ritualistically writhed and moaned face-down on the grass for nine minutes in a park. It’s difficult to believe in hindsight that such creepy and transparent virtue-signaling ever took place. But middle-class white liberals were in a tailspin at the time. The often contradictory codes of “woke” social etiquette had knotted their brains; they were simultaneously confused and fighting mad, and above all, they were desperate to appear to be standing on the “right side of history.” So strong was this urge as they packed into the park in Denver that day that even the rules of social distancing were suspended, as well as the science™ upon which they were based.

These folks have come to mind frequently in recent weeks as a spate of newly released polls on minority voter preferences suggest unprecedented levels of minority support for — gulp — former President Donald Trump and his Republican Party. Indeed, if these surveys are to be believed, American politics is undergoing a racial realignment unseen since the passage of the Civil Rights Act. In response to nearly a decade of white liberal virtue-signaling and pearl-clutching over a supposedly racist and xenophobic politician, minority voters appear to be ditching their self-appointed saviors en masse.

Numerous polls signal the shift. The latest New York Times/Siena poll shows Trump not merely closing the gap with Hispanic voters, but running ahead of President Joe Biden with Hispanics by 6 points. A recent Reuters/Ipsos poll also found Trump in the lead with Hispanics by a single point, while a new poll by the American Principles Project found Trump and Biden running even with Hispanics in swing states.

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All Senate Dems Vote Against Stopping Taxpayer Money For Illegal Immigrant Flights Into U.S.

Every single Democrat in the Senate voted against an amendment from Sen. Bill Hagerty (R-TN) that would have prevented federal funds from being used by the Biden administration to fly illegal immigrants into the interior of the United States.

The vote came after Todd Bensman at the Center for Immigration Studies reported that a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit led to the disclosure that 320,000 “inadmissible aliens” flew into the U.S. in 2023, taking advantage of U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s One app. While it was not clear where the migrants were flown, the report said they arrived at 43 different airports across the United States.

“I’m bringing forward a vote on a very simple question. Do you support American taxpayer dollars being used to fly illegal immigrants from countries like Venezuela and Haiti into America to be settled in cities and towns near you? If so, vote against me,” Hagerty said while discussing his amendment to spending legislation which would have prevented federal funds from being used for these flights. “Make no mistake here, President Biden has been secretly flying hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants into blue city airports.”

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Dem lawfare puts Trump through hell, but he hardly breaks a sweat

Years ago, Gary Larson published a cartoon showing a guy whistling as he cheerfully works in the bowels of hell. The Devil is shown lamenting “You know, we’re just not reaching that guy.”

That punchline came to mind this week when an exuberant former President Donald Trump stepped before cameras to say that “it will be my honor to post” a bond to appeal a massive decision against him in the New York court system.

For most people, the $175 million bond is nothing to whistle away.

But considering that Judge Arthur F. Engoron was insisting on $454 million, and Attorney General Letitia James was thrilling New Yorkers with pledges to go after iconic Trump properties, the smaller amount was a clear win.

Democrats lost their minds. One site announced “Rich man’s privilege prevails” and blamed “undemocratic judges.” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., had previously warned that there is a “risk in not seizing” Trump’s assets. The risk is “political corruption” which seemed a bit odd from a member who was under fire that same week for her blanket opposition to the investigation into the Biden corruption scandal, even declaring that racketeering is not an actual crime in America. (A legal view that should be reassuring to Trump given the Georgia charges).

The risk is “political corruption” which seemed a bit odd from a member who was under fire that same week for her blanket opposition to the investigation into the Biden corruption scandal, even declaring that racketeering is not an actual crime in America. (A legal view that should be reassuring to Trump given the Georgia charges).

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New estimate says U.S. now has 13.7 million illegal immigrants, up 37% under Biden

Biden border surge reverses trend on immigrants’ education levels

President Biden’s wave of illegal immigrants is upending the usual demographics of immigration and sending education levels plummeting, according to a report Thursday that raised big questions about the nation’s ability to absorb the newcomers.

The U.S. now has 13.7 million illegal immigrants and 51.4 million immigrants overall — an increase of 6.4 million in three years since Mr. Biden took office, the Center for Immigration Studies reported. That averages 172,000 new immigrants each month, or roughly four times the rate in the Trump years and nearly three times the rate in the Obama years.

Most of the new arrivals are from Latin America, and 3.7 million of the net new arrivals came illegally. Some 44% have no education beyond high school, and a significant number haven’t even completed high school.

“Education is the single best predictor of how you’re going to do in the United States. What kind of job you’re going to do. How much you’re going to make. What fraction are going to be in or near poverty. What fraction are going to qualify for welfare programs — particularly their children,” said Steven A. Camarota, the study’s lead author.

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Only Democrats Get to Lie on NBC News

Ronna McDaniel, formerly chair of the Republican National Committee, was recently hired and subsequently fired by NBC News when the “talent,” unable to countenance even moderate dissent, revolted on air. The entire kerfuffle is unsurprising considering the state of modern “media.”

But one of the funniest moments of the McDaniel blowup came when host and former White House press secretary Jen Psaki, another political operative hired by NBC, argued that, actually, the distinction between her and McDaniel was “truth versus lies.”

What in the holy hell is she talking about?

Only last week, Psaki was lying about Donald Trump’s “bloodbath” comment — which every sentient being understands was a metaphor for economic collapse, not as the MSNBC host explained, an “embrace of political violence” or “dehumanizing language.”

And let’s set aside the “election denialism” of the 2016 contest, which she claimed was “rigged” by Russia. Psaki is proficient in lies big and small, whether she’s spreading run-of-the-mill lies about how Democrats don’t support abortion until birth (almost all do) or whether she’s telling the press that Biden’s dog Major had not bitten Secret Service officers (he’s bitten them 24 times, at least) or she’s spreading hoaxes about Border Patrol agents “whipping” Haitian migrants, Psaki is a wellspring of misinformation.

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New US record: Fifty-one million immigrants, nearly 20% of workforce

Jacked higher by President Joe Biden’s open-borders agenda, there are now more legal and illegal immigrants in America than at any other time in history.

At 51.1 million, the number isn’t just the highest ever, but so is the share at 15.5%, according to Census Bureau numbers reviewed by the Center for Immigration Studies, which advocates enforcing border laws.

“Analysis of the Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey shows that the total foreign-born or immigrant population (legal and illegal) hit a new record high of 51.4 million in February 2024 — an increase of 6.4 million since President Biden took office. At 15.5%, the foreign-born share is also a new record in American history,” said the report.

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‘Migrant influencer’ urging illegals to squat in US homes on run from authorities: report

Leonel Moreno urges illegal immigrants on TikTok

The Venezuelan TikToker who went viral last month after defending illegal immigrant criminals and urging migrants to squat in U.S. homes is now on the run from immigration authorities, according to a new report.

Leonel Moreno has claimed that his family, which includes his wife and young daughter, has received $350 a week in government handouts since entering the U.S. illegally.

On top of that, he had claimed to be making $1,000 a day as a TikTok influencer. However, his account, which at one point had more than 500,000 followers, appeared inactive Wednesday morning. His verified Instagram account, however, has about 17,000 followers and posted two videos Wednesday morning showing him waving a stack of $100 bills as he posed with his baby girl.

Moreno allegedly received border parole but is now listed as an “absconder” from immigration authorities, the New York Post reported Wednesday, citing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) documents.

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The Biden plan to ban gas cars

President Joe Biden knows that most people don’t want the sale of new gas-powered cars and trucks banned. That is why his administration tried ludicrously to spin the new tailpipe emissions rule as an expansion of “consumer choice.”

“This technology-neutral and performance-based standard gives the auto industry the flexibility to choose the combination of pollution-control technologies best suited for their customers,” Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael Regan said last week. “Let me be clear: Whether it’s battery electric, plug-in hybrid, advanced hybrid, or cleaner gasoline vehicles, we understand that consumer choice is paramount.”

Regan’s entire statement is false. The EPA regulation is designed to limit what type of cars and trucks we may buy. The rule limits carbon tailpipe emissions to levels so low that they can only be achieved by having 67% of cars and trucks sold be electric vehicles. Car companies that build too many gasoline vehicles will face billions of dollars in fines.

The EPA’s message to manufacturers is clear: You must stop building gasoline cars, or we will put you out of business. 

When Biden unveiled his electric vehicle mandate last year, the phaseout of gasoline cars was more aggressive, with 60% of all cars sold set to be electric by 2030 and 67% by 2032. But auto unions balked at these numbers as unrealistic. Biden has therefore slowed the implementation of the final rule while keeping the final target. Manufacturers now must have only half their fleets electric by 2030, with a sudden jump to 67% only two years later.

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My plan to protect Americans’ financial privacy in a digital economy

Privacy. Individual sovereignty. Free market competitiveness. For centuries, these core American values have given us the confidence to innovate freely and create the greatest economy in the world. The United States is an economic leader because we are uncompromising in these values, subsequently instilling confidence in our markets and allowing technologies that hold these values at their core to flourish.

A central bank digital currency (CBDC) is the antithesis of these core American values. Unlike decentralized cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, a CBDC is government-controlled programmable money that, if not carefully designed to emulate cash, could give the federal government the ability to surveil and restrict Americans’ transactions. This is not just alarming, it’s downright un-American — and we’ve already seen examples of governments weaponizing their financial system against their citizens.

China used its COVID tracking system to lock its citizens down and prevent them from accessing funds in their bank accounts to stop a bank run. Closer to home, in 2022, the Canadian government weaponized its banking system to freeze its own citizens’ bank accounts in an attempt to disrupt the trucker protests.

Unfortunately, this appetite for financial surveillance seems to be gaining a stronghold right here at home. The Biden administration is itching to abandon our core American values to create a surveillance-style CBDC in pursuit of competing with China and other nations across the globe that are creating a central bank digital currency. Look no further than the presentation the Federal Reserve gave to my staff earlier this Congress listing “central bank digital currency” as one of their “key duties.”

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Saving Democracy From Itself: The Democratic National Committee Moves To Block Third Party Candidates

That’s because the DNC is seeking to block third party candidates from ballots — Robert Kennedy Jr., Cornell West, and Jill Stein. All three are liberal and are considered a threat to Joe Biden.

This effort will likely include any ticket put forward by the No Labels group, seeking a moderate alternative to the two parties.

Mary Beth Cahill, the former interim DNC CEO, and long-time DNC staffer Ramsey Reid will lead this effort. According to media reports, former Buttigieg campaign aide to Lis Smith will lead the effort with another Buttigieg alumni, Matt Corridoni. This effort includes not just a public campaign against Kennedy and Stein as spoilers, but “legal action” to solve the problem by denying voters a choice.

The media does not appear at all alarmed or critical of the effort to limit democratic choice. The Washington Post stated clinically “Democrats are taking third-party threats seriously this time.” Taking it seriously appears to mean using legal means to keep them from the ballots.

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18 states call on Biden IRS to abandon ‘flawed’ billion-dollar tax filing program

The IRS direct file program is accused of having the potential to do more harm than good

A coalition of 18 states is calling on the Biden administration to terminate a taxpayer-funded tax filing preparation program, characterizing it as wasteful, unnecessary and flawed.

In a letter Monday to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, Deputy Secretary Wally Adeyemo and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Commissioner Daniel Werfel, 21 top financial officials from 18 states said the costs of the IRS Direct File program “far outweigh any potential benefits” and will create new issues for taxpayers and states, alike. In May 2023, Yellen ordered the IRS to move forward with the first-of-its-kind program, which is funded by the Inflation Reduction Act.

“Regrettably, Direct File is a solution in search of a problem,” the state financial officers wrote. “Direct File has the potential to do more harm than good for taxpayers. It will only enable them to file their federal tax returns. Taxpayers who are unaware that they must separately file state returns will not receive anticipated state refunds this spring.”

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More States Make Progress on School Choice

Several states are making progress empowering their citizens with access to education freedom and opportunity.

Earlier this month, Alabama became the 15th state in the nation to enact a program providing education savings accounts and the 10th state to enact universal education choice.

Last week, South Carolina and Louisiana took steps to become the 11th and 12th states to make every K­-12 student eligible for education choice.

The South Carolina House of Representatives voted 69-32 on Wednesday to pass a bill to expand eligibility for the state’s education savings account policy to all K-12 students. Eligibility is currently limited only to students from low-income families.

South Carolina Superintendent of Education Ellen Weaver celebrated the bill’s passage in the House, calling it “a HUGE step forward” in a post on X and “a win for students and families.”

That same day, the Louisiana Senate’s Education Committee voted 5-2 to advance a bill that would create a scholarship program called Louisiana Giving All True Opportunity to Rise, or LA GATOR.

The bill, SB 313, is sponsored by state Sen. Rick Edmonds and is the companion bill to HB 745 in the House, sponsored by state Rep. Julie Emerson. Both are Republicans.

Louisiana’s new Republican governor, Jeff Landry, campaigned on school choice and his education council proposed that state policymakers should, among other goals, “Ensure that parents are granted flexibility in their child’s education.”

Three other states also are making progress on school choice, although their proposals are not as robust as in Alabama, Louisiana, South Carolina, or a dozen other states.

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How to make a will in 2024

If you were to put together a list of your most important legal documents, which ones immediately come to mind? There’s a good chance your birth certificate, marriage license, Social Security card, and passport top the list. But what about your will?

The truth is that your last will and testament is one of the most important legal documents you’ll ever make. But creating a will isn’t always high on many people’s to-do list. In fact, only 32% of Americans currently have one, according to a recent survey by Caring.com. Confronting our mortality can be uncomfortable, and it’s easy to put it off until another day.

But here’s the good news: making a will isn’t as expensive or time-consuming as most people think. In fact, you can even write your own will without the help of an attorney. And your loved ones are counting on you to make a will, even if they don’t know it. Having a will prevents family conflict, eliminates confusion, and ensures your assets go to the people you most want to have them. In short, a will gives you control over your legacy.

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