Zeldin Receives Legislator of the Month Award

Introduces Bill of Rights for Police Officers

Washington, DC (May 12, 2021) –Congressman Lee Zeldin (R-NY-1) has earned a Legislator of the Month Award from the 60 Plus Association, the American Association of Senior Citizens.

At a ceremony on Capitol Hill where Rep. Zeldin received the award 60 Plus President Saul Anuzis said, “On behalf of more than five million senior citizen supporters we commend Congressman Zeldin for introducing H.Res.283 -To establish a “Bill of Rights” to support United States law enforcement personnel nationwide in their work to protect and keep our communities safe.

60 Plus Chairman Jim Martin added, “There is so much condemnation of our police officers and granted some is warranted but they seem to be getting all lumped together. We must not forget how fortunate we are to have them protecting our families, our communities, our country. They risk their safety and their lives for others everyday with the utmost selflessness, putting others before self.”

Anuzis added, “We hear so much these days for calls to defund, disband, and to abolish the police and Congressman Zeldin’s legislation recognizes all law enforcement agencies and officers for their tireless work to protect us and make our communities safer. Dialogue between law enforcement and their respective communities is imperative to improve public safety for all and is essential to forming a respectful dialogue,” concluded Anuzis.

“The award is presented to Democrats and Republicans in the House and Senate who are a proven leader on senior citizen issues, and we are pleased to present this award to Congressman Zeldin who is someone our communitiescan definitely count on,” Martin concluded.