Democrats Care, Except When They Don’t

by Niger Innis and Amy Frederick Washington Times January 5, 2011   The Obama administration still hasn’t gotten the message voters sent on Nov. 2. The lame-duck 111th Congress didn’t enact the …

Senior Citizen Tsunami Comes Ashore Today

60 Plus Predicts 60+ GOP House Pick-ups Statement by 60 Plus Association Chairman Jim Martin Alexandria, VA –On behalf of 5.5 million elderly that we’re honored to rely on for support, and …

Nattering Nabobs of Negativism – Setting the Record Straight

By Jim Martin, Chairman of the 60 Plus Association The 60 Plus Association, which I launched more than 18 years ago, has been accused by the far left of not representing seniors. …

Connolly’s Attempts to Overhaul Health Programs Bad For Federal Employees

July 19, 2010 by Jim Martin Filed under Editorials / Opinion, Top Headlines Originally published in the Culpeper Times Now that Congress has rammed through health reform, several Members, including Congressman Gerry …

Seniors Should Carefully Review New Medicare Mailer

By Newt Gingrich and Nancy Desmond As weeks turned to months during the Great Debate over what to do about health care this past year, President Obama made one solemn pledge to …

Exposing The Phony Race Card

Statement by Jim Martin regarding the Tea Party and the race issue.

AARP Puts Liberal Agenda First, Seniors Last

Groucho Marx famously quipped that he wouldn’t want to belong to any group that would want him as a member. Perhaps from the great beyond Groucho can take heart in the fact he’d feel perfectly comfortable as a member of today’s AARP, whose embrace of “Obamacare” once again demonstrates their complete indifference toward their 35 million dues-paying members, if not outright hostility toward seniors everywhere.

Martin: Seniors Hard Hit

Very few Americans have been able to isolate or immunize themselves from today’s economic hardships, but for America’s seniors and working families, the impact is even more severe. Savings built and strengthened over a lifetime have been erased. The cost of living continues to climb. And golden years for many that should be filled with travel, relaxation and quality time with grandchildren are instead filled with apprehension and anxiety.

Mother’s Milk Of Politics

“In 1962, I covered Congress as a reporter for a news bureau that included the Tampa (Fla.) Tribune, the Columbia (S.C.) State, the Augusta (Ga.) Chronicle, WFLA-(Tampa) TV, 50,000-watt radio stations WDBO (Orlando) and WGBS (Miami) to name a few of the more than two dozen media outlets.

From that perspective, I witnessed one of the most lopsided presidential victories ever. Democrat Lyndon Johnson beat Republican Barry Goldwater, 486 electoral votes to 52 with a popular vote of 43 million to 27 million.

Strong-Arming Seniors Will Be The Death Of Medicare

Only in Washington could a supposedly self-funded government program that’s operating in the red and facing insolvency walk away from an opportunity to save billions of dollars.Yet that’s exactly what Medicare, the health care program for seniors, is doing: shamefully ignoring an opportunity to save billions by forcing retirees who want to pay for their own medical coverage to accept Medicare.