Stay The Course, Mr. President.

“The carping and back-biting among the liberal elite over our fighting for America in Iraq is a national disgrace…and I for one am sick of it!” says 60 Plus President, Jim Martin. “President George W. Bush has called himself a ‘war time President’ and as such, I wanted him to know this is one old Marine leatherneck, out of thousands, who is proud to call him Commander in Chief.”

Gore Needs To Just Chill Out

The unabated anger of Democratic presidential candidates and the liberal media towards George W. Bush still feeds off their moral certitude that he cheated Al Gore out of the presidency in the 2000 elections.

Create Personal Retirement Accounts

James L. Martin article in The Miami Herald, Saturday, January 31, 2004 “The Medicare prescription-drug fight last year was about America’s 60-plus generation. Now it’s time to do something for their children and grandchildren by fixing the creaky Social Security system.”

One Nation “Under God”

“Every time I recite the 31-word Pledge I am moved by it. Remove the words “Under God” and the tone and texture changes dramatically,” says Pat Boone, spokesman of the 60 Plus Association.

Attaboy, Mr. Ashcroft!

“Like most Americans, I have little patience with busybodies, whether they’re nosy neighbors, strangers conducting dinner-hour phone surveys, local police playing “gotcha” with red-light spy cams, or big brother in Washington,” says Jim Martin, President of the 60 Plus Association.

Nursing Shortage Could Kill You!

According to the American Hospital Association, 126,000 nursing jobs are vacant at American hospitals right now.

Imported Prescription Drugs Pose Potential Health Hazard

Given the litigious society we live in, Americans in recent years have become all too familiar with the various warnings we receive everyday. “Handle with care,” “keep out of reach of children,” and “don’t try this at home” have entered our lexicon. Sadly we may soon be seeing another warning label that reads “This medication may be hazardous to your health” on packages of prescription drugs.

Rights Wronged…Whose Life Is It, Anyway?

“As a kid growing up, I remember touch football games in the street…and nobody I knew was ever hit by a car. I recall playing atop heaps of landfill at what was then called the city dump…and none of us was ever sicker than the average child. I used to routinely ride perilously perched atop the handlebars of my uncle’s bicycle through the streets of Philadelphia. I hopped my fair share of moving trains…” recalls Ed Fulginiti, Communications Director of The 60 Plus Association

Patriotic Reflections On Memorial Day

James L. Martin, President of the 60 Plus Association, celebrates Memorial Day: “This coming Monday, we’ll celebrate Memorial Day for the 32nd time since it was officially made a federal holiday in 1971.

Considering what we celebrate when we mark this event, it goes without saying that no one year is ever more important than another. For each time we commemorate those who gave their all in support of this great country and what we hold dear, we remember a lot of sadness and pain. Every year’s celebration is a hurt; freedom’s toll is a heavy burden.”

Social Security Double Dare

“If Republicans are smart (and the book is still open on this), they’ll do everything they can over the next two years to entice Democrats to attack the GOP’s Social Security reform ideas,” says Hugh C. Newton, a veteran Washington communications executive, and a political consultant to many conservative policy groups including the 60 Plus Association, a grassroots senior citizens’ lobby and BAMPAC, Black America’s Political Action Committee.