Strong Majority of Seniors Are Concerned About New EPA Regulations

In down economy, surveys show a majority of seniors worry about the cost of new EPA regulations on their energy bill. Candidates who oppose EPA stand to gain.

(Alexandria, Virginia) – A series of new surveys commissioned by the non-partisan 60 Plus Association reveals a strong majority of senior voters are concerned about the effect that sweeping new EPA regulations on power plants will have on the cost of energy and higher electricity bills. Surveys were conducted in the states of North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina, Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Indiana and Ohio and reached over 5,000 likely voters aged 55 and above. 60 Plus touts the support of 7.2 million senior supporters nationally.

Findings of the survey show that more than 70% of seniors on average are at least “somewhat” concerned about the potential for EPA to raise their electricity bills, with 52% saying they are “extremely” or “very” concerned.

Regarding energy policy, a strong majority want the Obama Administration to focus on keeping energy prices low versus issuing new regulations to combat climate change. Independent voters also expressed strong support across the surveys to polices that lead to lower energy prices.

Respondents had a message for candidates as well, with voters preferring those who oppose the EPA regulations by solid margins. Independent also expressed a consistent preference for candidates who don’t support new EPA regulations.

“Seniors are sending a strong message to the White House that they do not support these radical environmental proposals which will hurt the poor and our most vulnerable,” said 60 Plus Chairman Jim Martin. “Seniors, like most everyone else in the current economic climate, are struggling to get by and treading water financially. They need a lifeline, but instead they’re being thrown an anchor with these new government mandates.”

The polls have a margin of error of +/- 4%. Individual state results may be viewed here: